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Crayola Crayon Town from Wild Planet

Updated on October 22, 2009

Wild Planet has made some very interesting technological toys, but sometimes, the less technological is better.  Take Crayontown, for example.  Made in conjunction with Wild Planet and the Crayola company, it is a very simple combination of toys and coloring materials.    

This is definitely a great toy for kids who love to color, and it is interesting how they managed to make the toys work together with the crayons to make them toys themselves. 

For example, there is this toy plastic dog that you can pull apart and put a crayon there.  Think of it as the Slinky Dog from the Toy Story movies but with a crayon in the middle instead of a spring. 

Each set comes with a standard paper coloring mat that a child can color, and an adult can just print out one for free.  They usually have some fold-out and fold up paper thing like a house which can also be colored in.  . 

As of this writing, there are five Crayontown playsets that come in large and small.  The small sets include four authentic Crayola crayons, and the large ones contain eight crayons. 

Small Crayontown Playsets:

Horse Ranch:  Includes a cowboy, one horse, a cart, and two crayon toys.  One of them forms a little jump, and the other fits on the horse itself.  It comes with a paper corral and a gate that can be colored in.

Neighborhood:  This one comes with a paper house.  It has a little man, and a car that it can roll around in.  It also includes a dog that can split into two and make the crayon its body, as well as a tree. 

Airport:  Includes a plastic plane, as well as a pilot.  Not only is there a paper runway to be colored in, but an airport as well.  It has a bus stop that you can join with the crayons itself. 

Large Playsets:

Construction Site:  This has two construction workers, a dump truck, a cement truck, as well as two cones.  It also includes two barriers and two signs that join up with the crayons.  It also has a Fold and Build Office, Skyscraper, and Tool shed. 

Zoo:  This one contains a giraffe, alligator, lion, and polar bear, and all animals look like they can be joined with the crayons.  It also includes a gateway, tree, monkey, one wagon, zookeeper, and all-terrain vehicle.  It also has a fold and build polar cave, lion cave, and a monkey tree. 

You should be able to get the CrayonTown sets an retail stores everywhere.  The small sets are about $14.95, and the large are for $24.95. 


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