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Brand New Marionette String Puppet-by Zoo Animals

Updated on April 12, 2011

The newest Fad to hit the mall since silly bandz would be the new and improved marionette string puppet. These make great birthday, Christmas, or other holiday gifts. Also great for people of all ages whether you use it as a toy or decoration.  These toys are defiently here to stay since they have been around way before the greeks.  These come in many different animals, and creatures.

Tons of Zoo Animals to choose from.

Each of these String Puppets has an airplane-type control which, when rocked side-to-side like an airplane dipping its wings, causes the puppet to walk or dance. The giraffe puppet is just one of the many marionette puppets available and are very easy to use. Great detail is used for these and they are easy to use especially for children and beginner.

As you can see marionettes are becoming popular with all the different ones available now including deer, baby camel, fox, giraffe and zebras plus many more that are coming out. Also if you don't want to use them then get them as a decoration for your house or children or new borns room. As long as they are hung up they are not a problem for children to get into.  I have 7 of them so far and plan to get more got my cheap deals to the right for a discount price shown.  The stores at the mall charge $15-$20. 

Need a New Puppy

Have a child that wants a dog but you can't get one them buy them a dog marionette string puppet for them to play with and watch the excitement and imagination run wild. No worry about cleaning up after them and buying food for them. Also they can't chew up your favorite pair of shoes.

This shaggy puppy hand puppet is easy and fun to animate. Fluffy and floppy, Scruffers will add charm to every puppet show. Use one hand to manipulate its mouth and facial expressions while gesturing with the removable wooden rod with the other. Detachable rod is suitable for lefties or righties.

Marionette Puppet For Decoration

Collectors Marionette Puppets

These make great presents because they are handmade marionette puppets from wood and painted by someone.  These would make great decoration for a formal living room or even a bed room.  Are you still a child at heart grab one of these and march right back to those childhood years with a marionette puppet, even put on a show for your kids who will get alot of entertainment and will probably want to join in on the excitement of it. 


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