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Crazy Stretchy Silly Bandz

Updated on July 12, 2010

Where did these things come from??

When you combine a must-have item with low-cost accessibility, you end up with a product like silly Bandz.

These toys are relatively inexpensive and are available in virtually every shape imaginable from animals to musical instruments. The "need" to have these band is at an all-time high, and kids are constantly seeking new packages of them for trading purposes.

How did something become so big so fast? Who knows? I've always wondered myself where and how certain things take off. For instance, who was the first person to "peg" their pants in the late 80's? Who was the first person to wear bell-bottoms in the 70s? I often wonder about these things, and here we have the product of 2010, haha. The concept behind this product is amazingly simple, and I'm quite jealous I didn't think of this myself!!

Silly Bandz Rainforest
Silly Bandz Rainforest
Silly Bandz Pets
Silly Bandz Pets

The hype is real, folks!

Do you remember when you were a kid, and a teacher or parent told you you couldn't have something? How bad did that make you want to have it even more? I hear you. There has been schools all over the country that are frowning on the wearing and playing of these bands in school. The reason behind this is because kids are getting obsessed with completing sets of these bands, and are constantly trading with one another. This has been a considerable distraction in class, and teachers have been getting fed up. That's not to say that the kids can have fun at home, is it? No.

Let them play! I say why not?! Of course they need to learn while in school. Their focus needs to be on the teachers, but once school is over, them play! Think about all the extremely high priced things kids have wanted the past and will want in the future? There are video game consoles, expensive dolls ( with even more expensive accessories), pricey clothes etc. If you are a parent, you should be more than happy to get a few bags of these bands for your kids as it will keep them happy for months (hopefully). They are very cost effective adult five dollars a bag. Each bag contains 24 bands that the kids can use to trade away, play with and show off.

Silly Bandz! And where to get em Fast!

Silly Bandz Rock Bandz - 24 Pack
Silly Bandz Rock Bandz - 24 Pack

Rock out to these Cool, Crazy Rock n' Roll Bandz!


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