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Cream Cheese Playdough Recipe - Easy Homemade Edible Playdough

Updated on November 24, 2011

Today we are going to take a look at a cream cheese playdough recipe. This is a really simple recipe with basic ingredients for making homemade edible playdough. The great thing about cream cheese playdough is that as well as being edible it is also quite healthy unlike some of the homemade playdough you can make which is full of salt. So for everything you need to know about simple recipes for homemade cream cheese playdough, you need look no further.

Playdough is a simply wonderful invention. I remember playing with the stuff as a child and always wanting to taste some. The real thing though can get quite expensive and although it’s non toxic, it’s not a good idea to eat any. So that’s why there are lots of homemade recipes for edible playdough. Some of these are edible but are full of salt and so are very bad for your child. This one however is not, the ingredients are healthy and you still end up with a lovely playdough substance. So let’s take a look at the recipe.

Cream Cheese Playdough Recipe

The ingredients in cream cheese playdough are extremely basic. They are really the kind of thing you may already have in your kitchen. All you need to make this recipe is….

1 Tablespoon of honey

Half a cup of dry milk powder

8oz Cream Cheese

That’s all the ingredients you need for this one. Another benefit is that you don’t have to cook anything so no hot pans for children to burn themselves on. The method is very simple. Simply throw all the ingredients into a mixing bowl and then get your hands in there and start mixing. After a while the mixture will start to stiffen up and you should get a nice mouldable playdough. Admittedly the texture is not as nice as some other edible playdough you can make, but as it’s a healthy snack this one has it’s own advantages.

If you want to make things a little more interesting you can add a little food coloring to change the color of your playdough. Remember just to add a few drops though otherwise you will stain things. You can make a few different colors just to make it look a little more exciting for children. So now you should have a nice dollop of playdough, so what next?

Ideas For Playdough Fun

The great thing about this playdough is that it is really meant for eating. Other edible playdough may be safe to eat but it tastes rather nasty as it’s full of salt. This one you can combine with an hour or two of fun followed by a healthy snack. If you want to entertain the children, let them play with the playdough for a good amount of time, then suggest they make it into shapes for adding to crackers. You can use pastry cutters if you have any and make stars, love hearts and other basic designs. Then you could add things such as marsh mellows, raisins, nuts, carrot sticks or other simple food items. Pop these on a cracker and you have a delicious snack that children will enjoy.

The only downside to cream cheese playdough is of course that it will not last long. Ideally you want to be eating these on the day you make the recipe. Check the use by date on the cheese before you start, if kept in the refrigerator it should last for a few days. But obviously after that it will start to spoil. Yet another reason why this is such a great thing to have as a snack once finished playing with it.

Overall then this really is a great little edible playdough recipe. Cream cheese is not always seen as something desirable by children, but dress it up in playdough form and it’s a whole new story. This recipe uses simple ingredients and is easy to follow so you should have no problem making it. Then you can use a few simple ideas to create lovely homemade cream cheese playdough snacks.


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