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Create a mummy, genie, alien and plant Sim in The Sims 3

Updated on September 16, 2013

Expansion packs

For creating the above mentioned Sims you need some of the expansion packs of The Sims 3. With each explanation of how to create a certain type of Sim, it is also mentioned which expansion pack you will need to have installed. With the expansion pack “Supernatural” you can create the following type of Sims with the “Create-a-Sim” option:

  • Witch
  • Fairy
  • Vampire
  • Ghost
  • Werewolf
  • Genie

The other types of Sims mentioned below need other steps to create them.

Create a Genie

If you do not have “supernatural” installed but you do have the “vacation” expansion pack installed then you can still create a Genie to add to your household as follows:

  • Collect a total of 20.000 lifepoints
  • Buy the magic lamp from the Lifetime Rewards list for these 20.000 points.
  • Instead of having 3 wishes fulfilled, choose the option to have the genie come to life
  • The Genie will give you some assignments to carry out (e.g. place the genie-lamp in the fridge / bring the lamp with you into the mausoleum)
  • The Genie will be added to your household as a family member if you carry out all assignments correctly.

There is also a very small chance to get/find a magical lamp when you explore the mausoleum at night.

Genie Sim

Create a Mummy Sim

A Mummy Sim can only be created once you have the “vacation” expansion installed. To add a Mummy Sim to your household, you need to do the following:

  • Travel to Egypt and search all areas over there for archeological dig sites. They look like spots where broken pots and bottles stick half out of the ground.
  • The goal of the archeological digging is to find the 5 different “canopic jars”. Together they are a complete set and that is what you need to collect.
  • You also need to collect a complete sarcophagus by finding all of the different parts. There are 3 different sarcophagi available, but just one complete set is enough.
  • Back at home, use/place the canopic jar set within the complete sarcophagus and a mummy will come out and join your household.

You can also change one of the Sims in your household into a mummy by having it sleep in a sarcophagus for more than 16 hours. The advantage of a Mummy is that it never needs to go to the toilet and it lives longer than a normal Sim. The disadvantage is that a Mummy moves quite slow and it cannot have any children. Also, when it catches on fire, it will die instantly.

Mummy Sim

Create a Robot Sim

The robot Sim appeared for the first time in The Sims 2, and it would only serve to keep your house clean. The Sim robot in this verion of the Sims will become an actual member of the household. The difference between the robot and a normal Sim is that the robot eats “scrap” (to be collected from a junkyard) and they don’t have a hygiene bar. Simbots also excel in repairing items.

  • The easiest manner is to collect 40.000 lifetime points and get the Simbot from the lifetime rewards list. The Simbot will then also get “best friend” status with the person that obtained the Simbot.
  • The more complicated manner is to actually create a Simbot. Purchase the inventors workbench from the buy mode. Next take on the “inventor” profession after gaining one level on the workbench. (registered self-employment).
  • Reach level 10 of the inventors profession, and you will get the job opportunity to make the “ultimate invention” (which is the Simbot). This invention requires you to collect 1 palladium, 100 scrap, 10 lifefruit and 1 pink diamond in heart shape.
  • The easiest is to already start to collect these items while trying to reach the level 10.

Robot Sim

Create a plant Sim

The plant Sim will only be available once you have installed the “University life” expansion pack. There are 2 ways to get a plant Sim:

  • Once you are in the university, you can become a test subject within the Science building on the university grounds. When doing this, there is a 20% chance that your Sim gets infected with the “botanica” virus (moodlet). The antidote for this virus is available for 3000 Simoleons at the Science Building as well, but should you not use it and the moodlet has disappeared, your sim will turn into a plant Sim.
  • It is also possible to grow a plant baby Sim. When two plant Sims have a child, it will not be a plant Sim baby as the gen is a virus type gen. You will have to “grow” a plant baby Sim instead.
  • Purchase the Science machine from buy mode.
  • Find some rare seeds within the city
  • Work with the Science machine until you have enough of the science skill to use the “genetic experiment” with this machine. Use this on the rare seeds until you obtain the Forbidden fruit.
  • Plant the Forbidden fruit seed (indoors) in a planter pot. There is a 50% chance that a plant baby Sim will grow from the fruit after 3 to 4 days. Remember to pick the fruit as soon as you can, as it will start rotting within a few hours after it is ripe for picking.

Plant Sims

Create an Alien Sim

An alien Sim cannot be obtained through “create-a-Sim” and you can only meet an alien Sim as follows:

  • Via an alien abduction, where your Sim will suddenly “investigate a strange anomaly”. The space ship will appear and abduct your Sim for 2 hours (and then bring it back safely). Male Sims have a small chance to get pregnant with an alien baby! After an abduction your male Sim might get the nausea moodlet, which indicates it may be pregnant. If the moodlet does not appear it means you will need to wait for another abduction. The abduction chances increase when you watch through the telescope between 12 midnight and 3 am and have space rocks in your inventory.
  • Randomly you will be visited by an alien that comes by for a short visit. It will leave within 1 hour Sim-time. If you make sure you talk to the alien within the time of the visit, it’s name will appear in your phone and you can call your alien-friend to talk or even invite him back to your house again. This way you can become friends and later on ask it to move in.


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    • profile image

      Mery215 2 years ago

      The Plantsim walkthrough was great, thank you. I thought the only way to get it was by actually planting and growing the forbidden fruit, but that's just SO MUCH WORK.