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Creative Hobbies

Updated on July 15, 2012

If you are the kind of person who would like to get involved in doing a lot of things during your free time. Here are some creative hobbies to start with.

1. Cooking

Starting to cook can really be rewarding and satisfying. It can boost your self confidence and you might be amazed of the new things you will learn along the way. Although getting that perfect taste in a meal would take some effort and patience but surely it will pay off. If you are into good home cooked meals and would like to explore on new menus, why don't you start cooking your favorite meals, gather all the ingredients and get your cooked book as a guide or find someone to teach you how.

2. Painting

Different types of emotions and concepts can be well be expressed by puting it into colors and sketches. If you are the person with the artistic flare, why don't you start a painting session. You can start by using acrylic painting then explore into pastel or oil paintings later. You might find it very enjoyable to see what your painting will look like like after you have finish painting it on canvas.

3. Music Lessons

Singing and playing different types of instruments can truly be enjoyable. Not only that it is a stress reliever but practicing those vocal chords if you have a nice voice can be beneficial for you to enhance it more and bring happiness to people listening to you. If you are into playing the guitar or keyboard, why don't you start exploring how to play different types of songs that you like. It will bring out the best in you in music!

4. Listening to Podcasts

if you are the type of person that is more of the thinking type and would like to learn a lot of things by listening to audio files, you can start downloading free podcasts on the the internet from well known speakers. Listen to it while doing other things. it will keep your mind busy and you might be surprise of what new ideas that specific podcasts will bring to you.

5. Soap and Candle Making

This can be both fun and also an opportunity to earn extra income while at home. You can practice your artistic designs while making home made soaps and candles. You can start taking video lessons over the internet, buy the necessary materials you need or you can enrol yourself to a proper tutorial class to get started.

6. Sports Activity

If you would like to be healthy and fit, starting a sport activity can be truly rewarding and beneficial for your mind and body. You can start by arranging your schedules to give time for daily walk, jogging or gym exercise. Then maybe you can start playing badminton, tennis, volleyball, basketball, bowling or any sports that you would like to get involved in. This can also be a good avenue to meet new friends and find playing hubby.

7. Yoga

Spending time in meditation and relaxation of your mind and body will bring out a lot of stress and balance in your life. It will irradicate a lot of anxiety and will bring out a nice aura in you. Why don't you start purchasing a yoga CD and spend time just to relax and get to know yourself more or probably you can enrol in a proper yoga class in your area.

8. Gardening

Involving yourself into a house project such as gardening can be a good diversion of stress and can be a very nice hobby to start with. Not only you are keeping yourself busy and productive but at the same time you are improving the looks of your home to make it more vibrant, full of life and a lot of natural green views.


If you like the idea of capturing nice candid moments then photography can be a very good hobby for you. Not only you are capturing real to life moments but you can add a lot of artistic ideas into your photos. This can be a very good way to express your inner passion as well as a potential income add-on as well. You can start purchasing a good camera to start with. Choose your subjects and start shooting that pictures!

10. Swimming

Spending time at the beach or at the pool is really relaxing especially during weekends where you can just unwined and not think of work. Swimming will give you a full body exercise as well as it a nice leisure activity you can enjoy with family and friends.


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