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Criss Angel Magic Kits

Updated on November 26, 2011

If you haven't heard of Criss Angel by now you might have been living under a rock! Criss Angel is a cutting edge magician who does a lot of impossible tricks. You might have caught his show on TV. He has wowed us with his levitation trick and disappearing acts. He now wants to share with us some of the tricks of the trade. Criss Angel has several version of his own magic kits for sale.  Many have been baffled by Criss Angel's version of street magic.  A&E has been airing this show for 15 shows.  He has had one Broadway show and 3 TV specials.  Take a look here for more info and some cool tricks.

You can learn tricks like the one above in the Chris Angel Mindfreak Ultimate Kit. This kit will provide you with 500 "Mindfreaks" you can amaze your friends with. These tricks are on DVDs 1 through 5 of the DVD series Master Mindfreaks. Each DVD comes with step by step instructions on how his tricks are done. Criss Angel stars in each DVD and tells you exactly how to fool your friends! There are props such as three decks of official Chris Angel playing cards.There are many many props that go with this kit.  when you open up the box you will be very pleased!   Also included is a free membership to the ultimate Loyal Freak membership at One customer gve this kit five out of five stars.  He did a great job making a video about all  the props included in this Kit.

 The Criss Angel Platinum MindFreak Magic collection offers 250 Mindfreaks to amaze your friends with.  Many props are included such as two decks of official Criss Angel decks of cards.  Other props include a secret floating device and a secret utility device.  A DVD comes with this kit that give you step by step instructions from Criss Angel himself on how to perform your perfect Mindfreak .Included is also a vision box, sponge balls and an instruction manual.  Your  Criss Angel fan will not be disappointed by this gift.

 Perhaps you just want to watch the DVD to find out how Criss Angel does his tricks. There are several DVDs to choose from.  The Criss Angel Mindfreak season five features scenes from Burned alive and body suspension.  There is an interview with Chris angel as well as many of his season five tricks explained.  This DVD received four out of five stars form 106 customer reviews.  Customers loved watching the optical illusions.  Many enjoyed that this was "street magic" as compared to the more flashy magic shows.  Other customers state that any Criss Angel fan will not be disappointed!


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    • Dracula's Wolfy profile image

      Dracula's Wolfy 7 years ago from Nibiru

      I love Criss Angel! This looks like something I'd definately buy :) Great hub! x

    • Granny's House profile image

      Granny's House 7 years ago from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time

      Great my grandaughter will love this