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Crysis 2 review

Updated on May 21, 2011

Crysis 2 is the next game in the Crysis series developed by Crytek and published by EA games. Crysis 2 picks up where the first game--for PC only--left off.

Crysis 2 takes place three years from where the first game left off, and is set in a destroyed New York.


Crysis 2 Game play

The gameplay is pretty good. The controls are more responsive than battlefield 2, but they are less responsive than Modern Warfare 2.

The controls are very similar to Modern Warfare 2, which is not surprising. MW2 set the new standard for how an FPS should play. The button layout for the controls are similar with a few minor adjustments to for the unique features in Crysis. After watching trailers for Crysis 2, I was expecting the game to feel like an exact replica of MW2. After playing the game, I was surprised to find out that a lot of features are unique to this game. 

There is a perk and kill streak system that is similar to MW2, but the functions of each perk and killstreak is a little different from MW2. You do not have the option to select your own killstreaks; instead, the maps have preset kill streaks integrated in them.

The shooting in Crysis 2 is very responsive. In other words, it does not feel like it takes a long time for the bullets to travel to where they are shot. The overall accuracy of the controlled aiming can be a bit tighter, but you have to just learn to control your shots, rather than shoot a continues stream of bullets.

Crysis 2 Online multiplayer

Crysis 2 online multiplayer operates like MW2's online multiplayer; however, there are a few things that different. For example, in MW2, you can select your kill streak rewards, but in Crysis 2, you can't select your kill streak rewards.There is a points system like in MW2, but it takes longer to level up and unlock weapons and perks.

The maps in Crysis 2 come in different sizes. There seem to be more big maps than small ones. Navigating around most of the maps shouldn't be a problem; there are just a couple of maps that can be hard to navigate around.

One thing that is notably different in the Crysis 2 online play is the way user play the game. A common strategy among players is to cloak while navigating maps and then quickly switch into armor mode when they enter a skirmish. The cloak and armor only last as long as your energy does, and sprinting takes away energy as well. Shooting your gun while in cloak mode completely depletes all your energy.

"A common strategy among players is to cloak while navigating maps."

All in all, the online mutiplayer for Crysis 2 is fun. It may not be as engaging as MW2's multiplayer, but there are features in Crysis 2 that are unique to the game.


Crysis 2 gets an overall score of 8/10 from us here at Associate Gamer. The whole concept behind the game may not be original, but Crytek took the concept and made it their own.

  • Gamplay 8/10
  • Graphics 9/10
  • Online multiplayer 8/10
  • Concept 7/10
  • Learning curve 7.5/10

Go ahead, get the game, play the campaign and enjoy hundreds of hours online. You'll be glad you did.


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