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Crystal Pepsi

Updated on November 8, 2012

To those unaware of what Crystal Pepsi is (, and to all you youngins' around here....NO it's not a new Pokemon.

Anyway, there was a lot of hype surrounding the drink and very high expectations, but unfortunately it failed miserably. Not as bad as Superman 64 failed but pretty gosh darn close, please pardon the foul language.

The reason I bring it up, is because out of all my friends/family who tried it, I seemed to be the only one who actually liked it and was sad to see it go. Some people I know if they were on fire, they would rather burn to death than be put out by Crystal Pepsi. That also seems to be the way it is with my taste in video games.

Some of the games I play, others wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. Now I'm not saying these titles are 10 out of 10 quality, but for the price I paid for them they aren't that bad, actually they're pretty enjoyable.

Below are some of the titles I'm talking about, feel free to read through them then smack talk me all you like.

Duke Nukem Forever
Bullet Witch
Metro 2033
Quantum Theory
Mad World
Dark Sector
Deadly Premonition
Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazzard
Deadly Creatures
Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad

These are just a few examples and again I'm not saying they are a run right out and buy title, but if you have some extra time and money on your hands and you're looking for something new to play then go for it. I'm also not saying games such as these are all I play either, but they are in my regular rotation for the most part.



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    • MichaelJohnMele profile imageAUTHOR

      Michael John Mele 

      6 years ago from Seffner, Florida

      @Mommymay me sucks that's no sad.

    • Mommymay profile image

      Heather May 

      6 years ago from Ohio

      I used to LOVE crystal pepsi but my husband never saw it!!! It was hot for about 1 month! thanks for making me feel old!

    • MichaelJohnMele profile imageAUTHOR

      Michael John Mele 

      6 years ago from Seffner, Florida

      @Anthony Binks thank you for the comment my good sir...I really appreciate it.

    • Anthony Binks profile image

      Anthony Binks 

      6 years ago from Northern Ireland

      Beinfg from Ireland I have never heard nor seen Crystal Pepsi but it brings me back to the days when Coca Cola tried to bring Tab out over here, similar to Crystal Pepsi it failed miserably but like yourself I was the only one who enjoyed it and was gutted when I couldn't get it anymore. Which then brings me on to Caffreys Irish ale but that story is for another day.

      Thanks for your great hub.

    • MichaelJohnMele profile imageAUTHOR

      Michael John Mele 

      7 years ago from Seffner, Florida

      @Georgie Lowery blue Pepsi you say...hmmm I don't recall that one, but I guess based on your description that's a good thing.

      Thanks for the support of Duke Nukem...I was really starting to think I was alone on this one.

    • Georgie Lowery profile image

      GH Price 

      7 years ago from North Florida

      The only thing worse that Crystal Pepsi was the blue Pepsi. That stuff tasted like Windex! Also, Duke Nukem rocks!

    • MichaelJohnMele profile imageAUTHOR

      Michael John Mele 

      7 years ago from Seffner, Florida

      @JohnGreasyGamer you don't know what you're missing...Crystal Pepsi rocked...I was probably the only one who thought so, considering it's no longer around.

      I do agree, Duke Nukem Forever was definitely the weakest in the series, but overall it wasn't that bad of a game. Well let me say for $20 or less (which is what I bought it for) it wasn't that bad of a game, anything more and yes it would have sucked big time.

    • JohnGreasyGamer profile image

      John Roberts 

      7 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

      We didn't have Crystal Pepsi here in England, which was a shame because I'd probably drink it (I was one of the few who tried Lime Coca-Cola and Vanilla Coca-Cola, OK?). As for games, I see where you're coming from, kinda like a "Cult following" in a way, or a guilty pleasure.

      On your list I despised Duke Nukem Forever. Mostly because it doesn't even bother to be Duke Nukem except for "wall boobs" and stupid jokes. Throwing turds at a wall seemed to be the best thing I got out of playing the game for 2 hours. Eat Lead I was bored with, but managed to play it for the most part. I was gonna review it about a month ago, but there's nothing to review.

      However I adored WET, mostly because it felt like a "KILL BILL" Game of sorts, and Singularity was interesting (forgettable, but interesting).

      Voted up, funny and interesting ^^


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