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Updated on July 4, 2011

Cuponk - What Is Cuponk

 Cuponk is a game that can become very addicting. Basically if you have ever heard of or played beer pong you have an idea of what it's all about. Take away the beer and ad a cool light up cup and 30 trick cards and you have a game that everyone can play almost anywhere. The idea is simple, get the ping pong/Cuponk ball in the cup. The challenge comes from trying to perform the 30 tricks from the included trick cards as well as making your own trick shots.

The balls are light weight and can be bounced off of almost anything without doing any damage so you can make up all different kinds of combinations. Safe to play almost anywhere and fun for most ages. It's one of those games that you look at can't believe how addicting it is. Whether your trying to out shoot your frineds or just want to hit that one trick shot you will find yourself getting totally absorbed in this simple yet entertaining game.

Bam Margera films Cuponk

Cuponk Game

 There are 3 Cuponk themes available, the Gorillanator with ramp, Let it Rip with Backboard and El Campeon with funnel. All 3 come with 30 trick cards and 2 Cuponk balls. All 3 of the games have a cup that lights up and makes sounds when you land a successful shot. The trick cards are what really set this apart from simply sinking a ping pong ball in a cup. By using the trick cards you can learn the 30 tricks as well as get some great ideas for making up your own tricks. Check out some of the videos on this page to see some great tricks and fun ways to play.

Kids love the game because of the challenge, it actually promotes hand eye coordination as well as encouraging imagination with the invention of different tricks. Parents don't have to worry about anything getting broken because the balls are so light.

The older crowd will like the to try and best each other with harder and harder trick shots as well as just adding a new twist to the tradiotional beer pong game. Cuponk can get very interesting at a good party.

 Whether your looking for a simple distraction, something fun for the kids or just a way to show off your skills during your next round of beer pong, Cuponk is a whole lot of simple fun. You can get any or all of the 3 themes by visiting Cuponk On Sale Cuponk Game

More Cool Cuponk Tricks

Cuponk Karate Style

Crazy Cuponk Tricks

Cuponk Home Tricks

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