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D20 RPG Spelljammer Monsters; Advanced Colossus

Updated on July 11, 2012

The Colossus

Spelljammer, the campaign material and products were among the last bit of gaming materials put out by TSR before they went from AD&D to D&D 3.0. My friends and I loved these new rules for bringing our PC's to space! What great fun being for all intents and purposes a space pirate!

Many ingenious creatures were invented for this game and I am going to provide an advanced version of one here. However, it would be wrong and unfair of me to claim responsibility for updating this older material. I found a site years ago which has all of the Spelljamming rules and updated system mechanics for D20! It has ever been a work in progress but at this point there is a huge bounty of updated stuff you can raid completely free of charge!

Here I provide an epic level Colossus. This space giant can live in an airless space for a long time. His lung capactiy is near divine, or Hulk like to marvel fans, and using their prodigious strength these incredible beings can hop between asteroids in order to get where they want to go. You can get more detailed info at the site provided below. Give it a visit and thank the author for all hos hard work.

Remember Spelljammer? Here is the site that updates all the old stuff into D20 -

Spelljammer: Beyond the Moons

Let your voice be heard!

Which game material from Advanced D&D would you rather see updated to D20?

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Rockore, Wildspace Drifter, Male Colossus Giant38/Bbn2: CR 24; Colossal Giant ; HD 38d8+494(Giant) , 2d12+26(Barbarian) ; hp 713; Init -2; Spd 130; AC:33 (Flatfooted:33 Touch:0); Atk +48/43/38/33 base melee, +19/14/9/4 base ranged; +48 (2d8+40, Slam); +19 (4d8, Rock); +48/43/38/33 (2d6+27, Unarmed strike); SA: Improved Grab (Ex) ; SQ: Low-light Vision (Ex); RF: Immortal Body; Immune to disease, aging etc., Improved Fortitude; Always makes a fortitude save regardless; Alignment - Neutral

Foot Stomp (Ex) Med and small sized creatures can be smashed underfoot as a movement action! Creatures caught underfoot take 4d6 plus str mod + are considered grappled(Must make a contested strength check to see if creature can break being pinned underfoot), Shout of the Colossus; Emits a blaring yell that stuns, deafens and damages creatures in its path. All within the 120ft cone effect take 2d6 dmg of sonic, are deafened for 4rds, and are stunned for two rds. A fort save DC30 negates the dmg, halves the stun and deafening rds., Thunder Clap; It can clap its hands together with such force it causes a thunderclap. All creatures in a radius of 200ft must make saves vs three separate effects. Will sv or be stunned 1rd, Fort sv or be deaf for 1 minute, Reflex sv or fall prone. All saves are DC30., Great Kick; With as much effort as punt kicking a ball it can kick a large or smaller creature a great distance! 2d8 dmg + strength mod. knockback 20ft multiply by size category - Large x1; Medium x2; Small x4; Tiny x8; Diminutive x16. Creatures travel half as far upward during the effect and thus takes an additional 1d6 per 20ft knocked back.

Great Throw; As great Kick but can be used to throw characters...tee hee!

SV Fort +35, Ref +14, Will +17

STR 65, DEX 6, CON 36, INT 11, WIS 9, CHA 14.

Skills: Climb +13, Intimidate +20, Jump +50, Listen +22, Sense Motive +12, Spot +24, Survival +16, Swim -11.

Feats: Armor Proficiency: light, Armor Proficiency: medium, Cleave, Damage Reduction, Endurance, Great Cleave, Improved Sunder, Iron Will, Large And In Charge, Power Attack, Remain Conscious, Shield Proficiency, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Toughness.
Armor: Woven plate (56,000 gp).
Shields: Shield, tower (AC) (960 gp)


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