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DC Universe Online Characters

Updated on January 27, 2011

There are many characters in DC Universe Online. It is populated with hundreds of characters from the DC Comics Universe, which to DC Comic fans should lead to an enjoyable gaming experience! This article outlines the Mentor characters available, as well as providing a full and comprehensive list of all the characters that are included in the game.


Mentor characters are 'the big 6' characters from the DC Comics world and are your 'mentors' in the DC Universe Online experience. Mentor characters initially assist with giving you missions, and you work your through their quests until eventually you are a fully fledged member of their team and the Justice League. You eventually become their equal and complete missions together. There are 3 Mentor characters available for both Heroes and Villains.

DC Universe Online - Superman - Heroes Mentor
DC Universe Online - Superman - Heroes Mentor


The much loved man of steel is one of DC's biggest icons, and he is available to be your mentor in DC Universe Online. Hailing from the planet Krypton, Superman can certainly do lots of super things. Superman is traditionally the mentor for Meta characters, which means you have selected Fire or Ice as your power during Character Creation. Lex Luthor is his deadly nemesis.

DC Universe Online - Batman - Heroes Mentor
DC Universe Online - Batman - Heroes Mentor


Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, got into the whole Justice thing when his parents were gunned down in Gotham City. Now The Dark Knight is ready to be your mentor and assist with your quest to be the best. Not actually possessing magical power, he performs his feats with the use of martial arts, quick wits and technology. He is traditionally the mentor for Tech characters. The Joker is his arch nemesis.

DC Universe Online - Wonder Woman - Heroes Mentor
DC Universe Online - Wonder Woman - Heroes Mentor

Wonder Woman

Created by the Olympian Gods, Princess Diana is the leader of the fearless amazons. She is an ambassador for peace and freedom, and will gladly be your mentor in the journey ahead. Traditionally she mentors Magic based characters. Circe, who seeks to use magic to rule the world, is her nemesis.

DC Universe Online - The Joker - Villains Mentor
DC Universe Online - The Joker - Villains Mentor

The Joker

The chaotic and maniacal mentor for all new Tech villains, is certifiably psychopathic. With his insane obsession to destroy Batman, the Clown Prince of Crime will drag you along for the ride... If you are feeling particularly villaneous, then The Joker is a delightfully evil mentor!

DC Universe Online - Lex Luthor - Villains Mentor
DC Universe Online - Lex Luthor - Villains Mentor

Lex Luthor

Being the CEO of the massive conglomerate that is LexCorp, Lex Luthor is a criminal genius with a lot of resources at his disposal. He wants to defeat Superman and take his place, and aims to exploit the Super Powers of the world. You can help him by playing as a villain and choosing him as your mentor.

DC Universe Online - Circe - Villains Mentor
DC Universe Online - Circe - Villains Mentor


One of the Olympian gods, Circe relishes lies and deceit. She leads an army of vicious Bestiamorphs against all her defy her might. She especially hates Wonder Woman, and all of those that would share their magic with mere mortals. Rally with her and choose her as a mentor, and she certainly won't let you down as an evil super villain.

Complete Character List

As well as the above listed Mentor characters, there are hundreds of characters from the DC World that are included in the game. You can meet them, complete missions with them or fight them. They help fill out the game that is DC Universe Online. I have listed them below split into Heroes/Villains lists that are in alphabetical order.


1. Adam Strange
2. Ambush Bug
3. Aquaman
4. Atom
5. Azrael
6. Batgirl
7. Batman
8. Bat-Mite
9. Batwoman
10. Beast Boy
11. Black Canary
12. Black Lightning
13. Blue Beetle
14. Booster Gold
15. Braniac 5
16. Bronze Tiger
17. B’wana Beast
18. Catpain Atom
19. Captain Compass
20. Captain Marvel
21. Congo Bill
22. Creeper
23. Cyborg
24. Deadman
25. Doctor Fate
26. Elongated Man
27. Etrigan the Demon
28. Fire
29. Firestorm
30. Flash
31. Geo Force
32. Green Arrow
33. Green Lantern
34. Hawkgirl
35. Hawkman
36. Huntress
37. Lobo
38. Martian Manhunter
39. Maxima
40. Metamorpho
41. Nightwing
42. Plastic Man
43. Power Girl
44. Question
45. Raven
46. Ravager
47. Red Tornado
48. Robin
49. Sgt. Rock
50. Spectre
51. Spy Smasher
52. Starfire
53. Static
54. Supergirl
55. Superman
56. Swamp Thing
57. Tasmanian Devil
58. Vigilante
59. Vixen
60. Wildcat
61. Wonder Woman
62. Zatanna


63. Ares
64. Bane
65. Batzarro
66. Bizarro
67. Black Adam
68. Black Manta
69. Black Mask
70. Blue Snowman
71. Braniac
72. Captain Boomerang
73. Captain Cold
74. Catwoman
75. Cheetah
76. Cheshire
77. Circe
78. Clayface
79. Clock King
80. Copperhead
81. Cyborg Superman
82. Darkseid
83. Deathstroke
84. Doctor Poison
85. Doomsday
86. Firefly
87. General Zod
88. Gentleman Ghost
89. Gorilla Grodd
90. Hades
91. Harley Quinn
92. Heat Wave
93. Hush
94. Joker
95. Johnny Quick
96. Key
97. KGBeast
98. Killer Croc
99. Killer Frost
100. King Shark
101. Lex Luthor
102. Livewire
103. Mad Hatter
104. Man-Bat
105. Maxie Zeus
106. Merlyn
107. Metallo
108. Mongul
109. Mr. Freeze
110. Mr. Mxyzptlk
111. Mr. Zsasz
112. Ocean Master
113. Owlman
114. Parasite
115. Penguin
116. Poison Ivy
117. Prankster
118. Prometheus
119. Ra’s al Ghul
120. Riddler
121. Scarecrow
122. Silver Banshee
123. Silver Swan
124. Sinestro
125. Solomon Grundy
126. Superwoman
127. Tattooed Man
128. Top
129. Toyman
130. Trickster
131. Two-Face
132. Tyrannosaurus Reich
133. Ultra-Humanite
134. Ultraman
135. Ventriloquist
136. Zoom


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