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How to true reincarnate in DDO

Updated on June 16, 2010

What is this?

It's the "end game" feature of a massively multiplayer game. You can essentially delete your DDO hero and make a new stronger one from their ashes. No restrictions are placed on your new guy and what you can choose other than the gender and name. You can try a completely different class as well! Some true reincarnates get a moderate boost in their ability if they choose the same class a second time.

Dungeons and Dragons online characters gain: a "past life" feat with a minor bonus (most are around a 2% increase to one of several statistics) based on their original class, glow a shiny blue, increase in avatar size, retain all their bank stored items, and get additional attribute points after they reincarnate.

Your game character's race can be changed with true reincarnation. This elf pictured above could become a Warforged!
Your game character's race can be changed with true reincarnation. This elf pictured above could become a Warforged!

The true hearts of wood are often on sale. Patience will save you a few dollars worth of Turbine Points.

What do you need?

To proceed with True Reincarnation, you'll need a "True Heart of Wood". There are two ways to get these special items in the Dungeons and Dragons online game currently:

  • Complete epic quests. Most of them will reward you with an "Epic Dungeon Token" or "Epic Fragment" inside the final chest. Bring twenty full dungeon tokens to Misty in House Twelve Enclave. One of the her options allows you to purchase a true heart of wood with them. This heart is bound to character and cannot be transferred. Also, you cannot currently use epic raid tokens for one.
  • You can also purchase this heart in the DDO store with turbine points. It's expensive. I wouldn't recommend it at all.

Ready? Give this orc your true heart.
Ready? Give this orc your true heart.

Am I ready to true reincarnate?

A check list of things to consider:

  • Have I collected my House Phiarlan Trinket of Time? This will carry over into your next character's life.
  • Is my bank space and inventory filled with all the DDO items I want to keep, or hold in the Reincarnation Cache as extra storage?
  • Have I finished my Silver Flame necklace item? You can get a second in another life. These are very useful to have multiples of when fighting monsters such as beholders and others who use negative energy attacks in Dungeons & Dragons online.
  • Have I bought a big pile of Yugoloth potions to use later?
  • Did I grab my Silver Flame Token that increases my regeneration rate in town? This can be used on your new character after you create him and visit the bank - without needing to collect all their favor on your true reincarnate.
  • Did I reach my favor milestone and collect the free tome? Nyx in the Harbor (same guy who unlocks Drow) will give you a bound to character +2 tome at 1750 favor. You can eat it in your next life.
  • Is my favor a round hundred number? This only applies to DDO players who are want to earn free turbine points with their rewards.

If you feel it's time to move on from your life, grab that True Heart of Wood and bring it to Kruz in the House Jorasco district. He's located near the person who gives the "Enemy Within" quest. You will have to jump a bit to reach the druid circle. Feed your body to his tree and you'll be able to true reincarnate on the DDO character selection screen. Enjoy your new life in the game!

Do you have any comments or suggestions for something to add to this guide?


Never ever double click the "Next" button on the true reincarnation character creation screen. You might find yourself reborn with a hideous look and the wrong alignment!


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