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DJ Hero 2: A Game for All Ages to Rock Out to...

Updated on February 15, 2011

Games that revolve around rock groups and musical instruments are nothing new and have been enjoyed by different ages for some time now (Guitar Hero, for instance).

However, for people with a slightly different flavor, the creators of Guitar Hero put their heads together and came up with a new music-inspired game called ‘DJ Hero’.

The rest is history.

DJ Hero 2, the follow-up version, is out now and is expected to be one of the top gifts flying their merry ways off the shelves this Christmas.


DJ Hero 2 is compatible with the following game consoles:

- Sony PS3

- Nintendo Wii

- Xbox 360


For anyone who has the first version of DJ Hero, DJ Hero 2 is great for adding to the number of built-in tracks, as well as including other new goodies such as the following:

- Empire mode: enables the player to take his/her character through different stages, from starting their career as a DJ in a warehouse to heading a music empire.

- built-in features for multi-player mode: great for families and friends (e.g., DJ battles)

- ability to play music at a party using the Party Play mode

Track Availability...

Included in DJ Hero 2 are various new tracks, as well as genres to cater to different musical preferences spanning from hip hop to dance and pop music. New artists added include Kanye West, Dr Dre, Rhianna, Janet Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Chemical Brothers and Lady Gaga.

New freestyle pieces are also included, enabling you to switch things up every time you play, which is a great addition to an already expansive track list available on DJ Hero.


The DJ Hero 2 game can be bought on its own (the standalone software and nothing else). However, if you or the person you’re buying it for doesn’t already have the original version of DJ Hero and therefore doesn't have the accessories that enable the game to be played, then you will need to buy them yourself. At a minimum, you will need one turntable controller in addition to the game software.

To play at the multiplayer and/or DJ battle level, two or more turntables are needed. If you plan on that, then there's the DJ Hero 2 Turntable Bundle which includes two turntable controllers and one mic (game software not included). There’s also a DJ Hero 2 Party Bundle which includes: the game itself, two turntables and a microphone to rap or sing lyrics with.

DJ Hero 2: wide appeal...

DJ Hero 2 is likely to be enjoyed by a whole range of people. The mere fact that it can be played alongside others adds to that. It’s an easy enough game to get to grips with, even if the intended player (or players) has no previous experience of using it. All in all, friends and family can have a whole lot of fun playing this game together.


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