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DLC Spotlight - The Tyrany of King Washington

Updated on March 1, 2013
The Tyranny of King Washington Poster
The Tyranny of King Washington Poster | Source
Ratonhnhaké:ton and Kaniehtí:io (The Infamy)
Ratonhnhaké:ton and Kaniehtí:io (The Infamy) | Source

"The Tyranny of King Washington" is a three-part downloadable campaign relased for Assassin's Creed III (2012, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii U, PC). The three parts to this campaign are "The Infamy," which was released on February 19 and 20, "The Betrayal," which will be relased on March 19 and 20, and "The Redemption," which is set to be released on April 23 and 24. Ubisoft has stated that the story is canon to the main game, depsite assumtions, rumors, and reports stating otherwise.In the campaign, Conner is and remains Ratonhnhaké:ton and never becomes an assassin. He must learn new skills to dethrone King Washington.

In "The Infamy," Ratonhnhaké:ton's mother, Kaniehtí:io, is being hunted by King Washington. He sets fire to a church after the priest there tells Washington that he does not know where the woman is. Kaniehtí:io and Ratonhnhaké:ton ambush the king and his troops, and Washington kills Kaniehtí:io and defeats Ratonhnhaké:ton using an Apple, the source of his power. Ratonhnhaké:ton is then shot and stabbed, and slips into unconsciousness

Ratonhnhaké:ton awakes in a cave five months later and the Clan Mother explains what has happened. She sends Ratonhnhaké:ton on a task to climb the red willow, pick its youngest branches, and to drink a willow tea. This grants him the ability to become invisible at will, and to summon a pack of wolves to attack his enemies. A fellow tribesman finds Ratonhnhaké:ton and asks him to help him search for his missing brother. The two find that he is lined up with others to be executed. They freed the tribe members and Ratonhnhaké:ton returned to the Clan Mother.

Ratonhnhaké:ton returns to find that all of the villagers have been killed, and the Clan Mother told her to kill Washington, Benedict Arnold, and Israel Putnam before dying herself. He trails Putnam to a large fortress and encounters Arnold and his guards. Ratonhnhaké:ton mortally wounds Arnold and he says that he needs to go to Boston to find and free Benjamin Franklin. Putnam then hits him with his pistol, knocking him unconcsious, then puts him on a convoy to Boston. When Ratonhnhaké:ton awakens, Putnam reveals his intentions for taking Boston.

Ratonhnhaké:ton has several new abilities in this campain to use to take down his enemies:

  • Power of the Bear: Increases Ratonhnhaké:ton's strength
  • Power of the Eagle: Increases Ratonhnhaké:ton's speed
  • Power of the Wolf: Makes Ratonhnhaké:ton undetectable
  • War Paint: Enhances Ratonhnhaké:ton's abililties
  • Alpha of the Pack: Ratonhnhaké:ton summons a pack of wolves

Each episode of "The Tyranny of King Washington is $9.99 US 800 Microsoft Points on the Xbox Marketplace. If you have the Assassin's Creed III Season Pass, you can download the episodes for free when they are released.


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