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"Zombies Chronicles" Gobblegums Guide!

Updated on August 6, 2017
Release poster from Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles.
Release poster from Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles. | Source

All new Gobblegums for Black Ops III?

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombie Chronicles is out now and with it also drops the new DLC 5 Gobblegum pack! That means 10 new Gobblegums will be available in Dr. Monty's Factory and by using other gums with Newton's cookbook. To celebrate, all players were awarded with 1 of each of the new gobblegums for free!

The best part of this drop is that you do not have to have the new DLC in order to get the new gobblegums, you just need to use the Liquid Divinium in Dr. Monty's Factory and hope you get lucky enough to score some.

Some of these gums are ridiculously powered but will serve as a great tool to solving the main easter eggs in the Black Ops III Zombies storyline and also be of great service in the 8 new remastered Zombies maps as well.

"REIGN DROPS" (Ultra Rare Mega Gobblegum)

The new "Reign Drops" Gobblegum spawns in one of every power-up drop in the game including the free perk, Insta-kill, Max Ammo, Double Points, Carpenter, Fire Sale, Kaboom, Zombie points, and even the Death Machine! This can be activated twice for every gumball you get from the Gobblegum Machine.

"POWER VACUUM" (Ultra Rare Mega Gobblegum)

"Power Vacuum" is my favorite gum in the new Gobblegum pack. This one lasts for 4 Rounds when activated and increases the amount of power-ups dropped per round by 10 fold! This one is definitely good for the one room challenges, high round challenges and even just to troll new gamers who haven't figured out zombies yet.

"EXTRA CREDIT" (Rare Mega Gobblegum)

The new "Extra Credit" gum is really helpful in the starting rounds, or when you have bled out and start off those late rounds with no points for a weapon! Activate this beauty 4 times and it will drop a Zombies Points power-up worth 1250 Points each time!

"IDLE EYES" (Mega Gobblegum)

Well this is one here happens to be just another version of the "In Plain Sight" gum. "Idle Eyes" can be activated twice as I remember and all players will be ignored by zombies instead of just the player activating it.

All Other New DLC 5 Gobblegums Explained

"BOARD GAMES" (Mega Gobblegum)

This new Gobblegum definitely can come in handy when in a pinch! "Board Games" will basically kill every Zombie near you when you repair a window in Zombies mode. This works well on every map and each gumball lasts 5 minutes when activated!

"SODA FOUNTAIN" (Rare Mega Gobblegum)

The new "Soda Fountain Gobblegum is also referred to as "The Poor Man's Perk-a-holic". Basically it allows you to buy one extra perk and gives you an extra random perk for each perk that you buy! This is great for when you run out of Perk-a-holic Gobblegums, as they are Ultra Rare and these are more common in the Dr. Monty's Factory.

"FLAVOR HEXED" (Mega Gobblegum)

"Flavor Hexed" is a gamble gum basically. You activate this one and it transforms into a random Gobblegum, then transforms again. This one is kind of lame, but it could work to your advantage if the gumball randomly turns into a Perk-a-holic or Shopping Free gumball.

"EYE CANDY" (Whimsical Gobblegum)

This one is meant just for fun and when activated, the colors of the zombies will change. It's basically thermal vision but each time you activate it (4x activation) the enemies are highlighted in a different color.

"BOARD TO DEATH" (Mega Gobblegum)

"Board to Death" repairs all boards on an open window barrier with one press of a button. This is good for higher rounds, especially on the Giant when using the catwalk strategy. The bad part is you only get 10 points for the whole window being repaired.

"TONE DEATH" (Whimsical Gobblegum)

Another funny, but useless, Gobblegum to play around with and troll your friends. This one activates automatically and for every ten zombies that you kill, a funny noise will play instead of the normal dying zombie shriek.

What Is Your New Favorite DLC 5 Gobblegum?

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