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DOTA Hero Tips: Darchrow the Enigma

Updated on October 30, 2012
Darchrow the Enigma Profile
Darchrow the Enigma Profile

Darchrow the Enigma

Enigma’s ultimate skill (Black Hole) is not the only reason why he is a common pick in DOTA tournaments. Despite his squishiness, Enigma is an intelligence-type hero worthy of our respect because of his dangerous disabling and pushing abilities. He is one of the few intelligence-type heroes whose importance is greatly felt in the late game. The most exciting part is that Enigma can harass enemy heroes as well with his first (Malefice) and second skill (Demonic Conversion). He can be a great partner to your team’s carry as Enigma can single-handedly take control of a certain lane given he has enough mana pool and regeneration to spam his spells leaving enemy heroes no better option other than to back off. Are you intrigued to know the secret behind Enigma’s true power? This article will introduce all the information you need to assure a victory in your next DOTA game with the help of Darchrow the Enigma.

Darchrow the Enigma Skills
Darchrow the Enigma Skills


This skill does not only damage but stuns a single target in certain time intervals. Malefice is perfect if you are up against heroes with innate movement speed like Tiny the Stone Giant since it can completely stop them from escaping away from battle easily. You can also interrupt channeling spells like Witch Doctor’s Death Ward by utilizing this skill. I know this skill’s damage is negligible against the best DOTA tankers like Pudge the Butcher and Bradwarden Centaur Warchief but it can bring upon devastating damage to the enemy team if casted in coordination with Enigma’s second (Demonic Conversion) and third skill (Midnight Pulse).

Demonic Conversion

Enigma is a reliable lane partner because of this skill. It can also be used for killing neutral creeps to gain both experience and gold if ever you get harassed in your lane. Converting your ally creeps is similar to denying them which means less experience and gold for enemy heroes in your lane. The underlings you can produce with this skill may not inflict so much damage alone but they can be dangerous in a group of five or more. Enigma’s ultimate skill (Black Hole) is a channeling spell so he can’t attack while casting it. This leaves your underlings the responsibility to eat the life out of your enemies through their physical attack as you hold them down.

Midnight Pulse

The best thing about this skill is that its effectiveness won’t deteriorate during the late game since its damage is based on a certain percent of the target’s total health points. Regardless if the affected enemy unit is a tough strength-type hero or a squishy agility-type hero, they’ll lose the same amount of life from this skill in relation to their total health points. This skill is best used before casting Black Hole since it can only affect a small and fixed area. There are only two ways to counter this skill. First is purchasing a Black King Bar while the other one is boosting your magic resistance by putting a Hood of Defiance in your inventory.

Black Hole

Black Hole is regarded by almost every experienced DOTA player as one of the best disabling skills in the game alongside with Treant Protector’s Overgrowth, Magnus’s Reverse Polarity, and Tide Hunter’s Ravage. This skill will not only disable a group of enemy heroes but also deal a substantial amount of magical damage. But then again, you need to practice a lot to cast this skill effectively. Buying a Kelen’s Dagger for more mobility is also a must to make sure most enemy heroes will end up affected by Black Hole’s effect. Most importantly, think twice before casting this spell as it has a very high cooldown rate. If possible purchase a Refresher’s Orb to somehow increase its availability.

Early Game

Enigma and majority of intelligence type heroes are effective during the early stages of the game so capitalize from this advantage. Harass agility-type and strength-type enemy heroes on your lane especially if they have melee range. Spam your second skill (Demonic Conversion) to stop them from gaining the normal amount of experience. You can also use your third skill (Midnight Pulse) to keep them away from your creeps. Continue bullying them until you reach level 6 and upgraded your ultimate skill (Black Hole). High mana pool and regeneration is crucial for Enigma to be efficient in battle so rushing an Arcane Boots or Perseverance is a good call.

Mid Game

Roam around and join your team during ambushes. Your first skill (Malefice) will come in handy for sure. Buying a Kelen’s Dagger early on will greatly increase your effectiveness in chasing enemy heroes and dodging their counter-attack spells. Just remember to use your ultimate skill (Black Hole) wisely and only if three or more enemies are in range. If not, you simply need to use your first skill and third skill (Midnight Pulse) to cause massive damage and make them think about getting close. Pressure enemy heroes in every lane and stop them from gaining both experience and gold. If done perfectly, your team won’t need to worry about late game.

Late Game

Your support is crucial for your team to win over clashes during this part of the game. Most enemy heroes by now have high health points and enough magic resistance to render your first skill (Malefice) and third skill (Midnight Pulse) almost useless. However, they’ll surely have a hard time countering your ultimate skill (Black Hole) particularly if you purchased Lothar’s Edge, Force Staff, or Kelen’s Dagger to easily gain better positioning and cast Black Hole in the best possible area. Keep in mind that your ultimate skill is can be cancelled with any disabling skill so it’s highly recommended that you purchase either a Linken Sphere or Black King Bar. A Refresher Orb can assure your team’s victory especially if you manage to cast two Black Holes in one clash with perfect timing.

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