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DOTA Hero Tips: Dwarven Sniper

Updated on July 25, 2012
Dwarven Sniper Profile
Dwarven Sniper Profile


Dwarven Sniper boasts the longest attack range in DOTA. This fact alone made him a formidable enemy. He can be a deadly carry particularly if provided with the right items. Probably the only weakness of his hero is his low hit points and lack of an escape skill. This is the main reason why he is a common gank target during the mid part of the game. Nonetheless, if you manage to pull it through and somehow farm well enough to acquire the necessary items which can boost his attack speed and damage, Dwarven Sniper can turn into a killing machine during the late game. If you are interested to know more about Dwarven Sniper and how you can get the most out of his exceptional sniping abilities, this article is certainly the best place to be. Read onwards and discover the true power of Kardel the Dwarven Sniper.

Dwarven Sniper Skill Set
Dwarven Sniper Skill Set


Most Dwarven Sniper users disregard this skill. I can’t blame them since he is an agility type hero. As we all know, agility type heroes lack mana pool and regeneration. Nonetheless, Shrapnel is an excellent farming skill. You’ll be able to kill several enemies in a distance. Its slow effect is also helpful during team clashes so the importance of this particularly during team clashes is undeniable. However, I advise that you only max this skill first if you are in the mid lane. Focus on Dwarven’s second and third skill if you are assigned on either top or bottom lane. Doing so will turn you into a much reliable carry even without luxurious items.


This is without a doubt the bread and butter skill of Dwarven Sniper. He is an agility hero so his attack speed is comparable to only a few so landing several hits with this skill applied is not a problem. Headshot also made it even harder for melee enemy heroes to get near Kardel. In addition, the mini-stun effect cancels town portal casting so no enemy can instantly flee away given Dwarven Sniper is around.

Take Aim

Take Aim may sound like a very basic skill but it made Kardel an excellent sniper. With a higher range, Dwarven Sniper can easily eliminate heroes who are simply in the sidelines during a team clash. Literally, there is no escape with Kardel around. He can also do it with haste given Kardel is an agility type hero. You have the highest range in the game so all you need to do is boost your attack speed and damage to dominate and bring chaos to the enemy ranks.


Assassinate is Kardel’s finishing move. However, the skill has a very low cooldown time. This is the main reason why many professional Dwarven users spam this skill especially before a team clash. Assassinate also boasts a very wide range making it possible for Kardel to target any fleeing hero regardless how fast they run. The only problem of this skill is that it can be cancelled with a stun so make sure no hero who has a disabling skill is around before you use assassinate.

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Early Game:

This part of the game is hell for Dwarven Sniper. His low health points, is a very big problem particularly if the enemy heroes on his lane is a natural harasser. The only way to go over this problem is by purchasing the right starting items. A few experienced DOTA players use the Bottle and Crow combination on Dwarven. Nevertheless, this strategy is only effective if you occupy the mid lane where both rune locations are near. Don’t do so if you are assigned elsewhere. Don’t forget to pack several items intended for hit point regeneration prior leaving the fountain of health. You main goal must be to farm as much as possible. Somehow, you’ll be safer since your range is wide. Excellent last hitting ability is a must to be an effective Dwarven user so as map awareness. You should be sensitive about enemy hero location. If you are up against infamous gankers such as Stone Giant and Vengeful Spirit, be extra cautious.

Mid Game:

Forget about joining team ganks. This is not yet the time for you to shine. Continue farming on your lane and retreat once you notice a couple of enemy heroes are not visible in the minimap. If you have enough cash, purchase a Sentry Ward and place it in a common fogged pathway. By knowing beforehand if enemy heroes are hunting you, it’s easier to respond and seek for a tower’s shelter. Buying items intended for escaping such as Lothar’s Edge, Kelen’s Dagger, or Force Staff is also a good move.

Late Game:

Kardel rules this part of the game. He can easily eliminate heroes with low health points who are usually positioned in the side or back lines during a clash. Nevertheless, this is only possible if you farmed well during the early and mid game. Without luxurious items to boost Kardel’s attack speed and damage, he won’t be very effective. Buriza Do Kyanon and The Butterfly are important items for Dwarven Sniper. This hero is one of the best agility carry in DOTA so a win is almost guaranteed as long as you control him effectively in all parts of the game and purchase the suitable items.


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