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DOTA Hero Tips: Lifestealer

Updated on October 25, 2012
Naix the Lifestealer Profie
Naix the Lifestealer Profie

Naix the Lifestealer

If your team needs a hero to counter enemies, who greatly rely on spells offensively; Life Stealer is without a doubt your best pick. Life Stealer is not only a good killer but can tank decently as well. His first skill grants immunity to most spells leaving intelligence type heroes very vulnerable against him. Agility and Strength type heroes will have a very hard time eliminating Life Stealer as well since he has absurd the ability to consume a target’s life. The higher the target’s health points, the more devastating his damage and life steal is. Read further to know various secrets on how you can assure a win in a DOTA game by using Naix the Lifestealer.


Lifestealer is a nightmare to all intelligence type heroes with this skill. If activated, he will be free from all sorts spell damage while gaining bonus attack speed. How’s that for a spell? Upgrading this skill should be your main priority if you are up against heroes who boast high-damage spells. The cooldown time of this skill is very low as well so you can rely on it almost anytime. The skill can also help you block enemy spells that are thrown like Rogue Knight’s stun. Casting this skill at the right moment can be game breaking. Practice is a must so be sure to play a few DOTA games using Lifestealer against AI heroes before the actual game with your friends.


This hero got the name Lifestealer for a reason. Lifesteal is very important especially against enemy heroes with huge amount of health points. The best thing about Lifestealer is that his damage and life steal are boosted depending on how high the target’s life points is. He is even regarded by many as a tank killer. Even Centaur Warchief who is known as the best tanker in DOTA will have a hard time surviving from Lifestealer particularly if he already has all the items he need to improve his attack damage and speed. This skill is also great for farming as it allows you to kill neutral creeps even during the early parts of the game.

Open Wounds

Don’t even think about fleeing form Lifestealer since this skill will greatly cripple you. This skill will also grant you and your allies attacking he target with life steal. The cooldown time of this skill is quite low as well so spamming it is more than possible. Always remember that the main disadvantage of Lifestealer is his lack of disabling skills. This is the main reason why many purchase Cramium Basher for Lifestealer. With this skill and the mentioned item in your inventory, surviving a barrage from Lifestealer is almost impossible. Lifestealer’s first skill can also make it easier for you to land hit while the effect of Cramium Basher activated.


Lifestealer can instantly gain health points with this skill. It can also bring upon considerable amount of AOE damage. You can also hide inside your ally and ambush enemy heroes with this skill. Spiritbreaker and Furion are good partners for Lifestealer since they have spells that can allow them to instantly get near to a target. This skill is highly effective as a tool for a surprise attack so use it accordingly to grab a couple of hero kills during the mid part of the game. The most exciting part is that this skill has a very low mana requirement so it is available almost any time.

Early Game

In most cases, Lifestealer gains experience and gold during the early part of the game by killing neutral creeps. However, it should be noted that Lifestealer can be effective on a lane as well. If paired with a hero who boasts a reliable disabling or crippling skill such as Ogre Magi and Vengeful Spirit, a kill is almost assured. Your main goal in this part of the game is to farm. You need a lot of gold to purchase all the items you need and be effective during the late game. Be watchful for opportunities. Abruptly cast your third skill to slow enemy heroes with very low health points and finish him off.

Mid Game

Lifestealer is not good at ambushing. He only has his third skill for crippling enemy heroes to keep them from running away. Don’t bother joining mid game ambushes. Your main role during this stage is to farm. Stay on your lane or kill several neutral creeps until you purchased one or two luxurious items. Focus on items that can boost your attack damage and rate. Most Lifestealer users aim for a Cramium Basher and I believe it’s a brilliant strategy. With such kind of item in Lifestealer’s inventory, his target won’t escape easily with a town portal. Buying The Butterfly is also a great move particularly if most of your enemies rely on physical damage for offense.

Late Game

Only a few heroes can stop Lifestealer as the late game approaches. His extremely high life steal can make him almost invincible. Intelligence type heroes won’t be a problem for him as well because of his first skill. Your main concern is to boost his attack speed so you can eliminate any hero before the effect of Life Stealer’s first skill depreciates. Lifestealer will have a hard time chasing enemies especially if you don’t purchase a Cramium Basher. In this situation, having reliable allies who boast excellent crippling skills like Venomancer, Drow Ranger, and OmniKnight will make life easier for Lifestealer.

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