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DOTA Hero Tips: Balanar the Night Stalker

Updated on September 5, 2012


Night Stalker gained such name for a reason. Only a few heroes in DOTA can survive after being hunter by this ruthless creature during the night. Surprisingly, this hero is not entirely useless during daylight, unlike what most DOTA players suggest. He can tank with his decent strength gain. His first skill is also very effective in chasing enemy heroes as it inflicts a decent damage and crippling effect. This hero is a nightmare to intelligence type heroes and those who entirely rely on skill to be effect because he has a skill which silences a target for a long period of time. The most exciting part is that such skill also blinds the target causing him to miss most of his physical attacks. With these strong skills, it’s a surprise why many experienced DOTA players respect the power of Balanar the Night Stalker.


Balanar is a slow starter and is often a target of early game bullies. Nevertheless, you can utilize this skill to fight back. It offers both damage and a crippling effect so spamming it to somehow keep enemy heroes from attacking you, is a brilliant idea. Nevertheless, you need a Ring of Basilius or other mana supporting items to do so. Just stay on your lane and aim to gain as much experience and gold possible. A babysitter is a must to be Balanar’s lane partner. Warlock and OmniKnight are good picks since they have skills to help Night Stalker survive from harassment.

Crippling Fear

Intelligence type heroes fear Night Stalker because of this skill. You’ll lose any battle advantage since it disallows you from casting any spell while leaving your physical attack power useless since you’ll miss most of the time. Your only hope is to teleport away as soon as possible. This skill doesn’t need so much mana and its cooldown time is quite low as well making it very dependable. Its effects are weakened during the day so be sure to you should avoid engaging in battles at daylight. You can counter Town Portal with Balanar’s first skill or by purchasing items which offers a stunning effect like Monkey King Bar or Cramium Basher.

Hunter of the Night

This skill makes Night Stalker a true killer in the darkness. During the night, he is granted with bonus movement and attack speed. Only a few heroes can outrun Balanar while this skill is activated. Facing him head on is not a good idea as well since his second skill makes it almost impossible for you to fight back efficiently. Nevertheless, don’t be greedy. Most Night Stalker players tend to be very careless. They tend to be overconfident thinking that their movement speed is high enough to outrun most enemies. Regardless how swift you are, an ambush team composed with at least two heroes with reliable disabling spells can easily pin you down.


You don’t need to worry if an enemy tries to confront you during daylight because this skill can instantly call the night. To maximize this skill, spam it during the night. Doing so will pause the natural nighttime and makes it almost night every time. Luna Moonfang can also gain battle advantage during night time so this skill works well with her. Buying an Aghanim’s Scepter will further improve this skill as it grants Night Stalker unobstructed vision during the night. Many DOTA players even regard the effect as a map hack since Balanar’s range will greatly increase making it impossible for any hero to break away from his chase.

Early Game

It’s normal for you to have a very hard time during this stage of the game. During the day, Balanar moves very slowly making him an excellent target for bullies. Just stay on your lane and work hand in hand with your hero partner to somehow earn both experience and gold. If possible, Night Stalker’s lane partner must have high presence like Sacred Warrior and Viper. These heroes can gain lane advantage on their own which leaves Night Stalker more room to last hit enemy creeps and gain considerable amount of experience. Don’t be aggressive. Why rush if you can eliminate them all with ease during the mid and late game?

Mid Game

Night Stalker should roam the map during nighttime. In most cases, enemy heroes won’t be so careless and finds tower shelter to avoid the wrath of Balanar. If this is the situation, kill a couple of neutral creeps and wait for a perfect moment to attack. Don’t reveal yourself in the mini-map. They’ll be very cautious knowing that they don’t know where you are. The pressure will eat away their confidence and they’ll eventually commit mistakes. Buying a Vanguard or Sange is a must so you can chase enemy heroes even if they successfully get close enough to their tower. It’s also crucial that you look at your target’s inventory before attacking. If he has a Town Portal or Boots of Travel, don’t cast your first skill. Simply use your second skill to silence him and chase. Wait until he uses the mentioned items to teleport away before casting your first skill to hinder him from fleeing away instantly.

Late Game

During team clashes, your role is to silence enemy heroes with devastating spells. Kill the squishy ones first and let your allies do the rest. Although Night Stalker won’t do well with agility type heroes who have high innate attack speed and physical damage such as Juggernaut, Phantom Assassin, and Faceless Void, he can still take the role of a tank and semi-carry. Purchasing a Blade Mail to counter absurdly strong agility type heroes like the ones mentioned a while ago is your only choice. Items that can lessen their battle efficiency such as Assault Cuirass (lessens armor) and Shiva’s Guard (lessens attack speed) are good item choices as well. If possible, finish the game early on while using Night Stalker so you don’t need to worry about facing enemy heroes that are unstoppable during this stage of the game.


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