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DSi XL Games

Updated on October 28, 2010

DSi XL Games

DSi XL Games
DSi XL Games

Introduction to the DSi XL Games List

The DSi XL has been out for a few months now, and it really has proven immensely popular. This has caused a lot of people to start searching for DSi XL Games. Well, I have some good news and bad news for you folks, there are no specific DSi XL games, in fact most games are still Nintendo DS compatible!

Do not dispair though! The larger screen of the Nintendo DSi XL makes it perfect, and in fact better, for some existing Nintendo DS games!

A lot of games which appeared on the DSi required you to do fiddly moves with your DS Stylus, and read incredibly small text. The Nintendo DSi XL eliminates this problem. For that reason my DSi XL Games hub will focus on DS Games which I feel benefit, and are enhanced by, the DSi XL's larger screen and well poised DS Stylus.

If you are looking to buy a Nintendo DSi XL, or want to find out more about your DSi XL, you can read more at my DSi XL Review!

The Top Ten Best DSi XL Games

So lets get this show on the road, the top ten best DSi XL games, suited towards the larger screened console. Whether you like puzzles or adventure, I will have some great DSi XL games here for you on this top ten list!

If you don't have a DSi XL yet, then check out some of the great deal on the right, where you can get huge discounts on the Nintendo DSi XL Console!

Now lets get started on the fantastic Top Ten best Dsi Games list!

The Sims 3 DS Top DSi XL Games
The Sims 3 DS Top DSi XL Games | Source

10) The Sims 3 DS Top Ten DSi XL Games

The Sims 3 DS brings all the creativity and flair of the Sims 3 to the Nintendo DSi XL console. The bigger screen of the Nintendo DSi XL really does make a huge difference with this fantastic DSi XL Game, especially since you can draw your own textures in game for floor tiles, wallpaper, hairstyles and more.

The Sims 3 DS follows the rest of the Sims games, and allows you to explore the world around your sims, while you guide them to success, whether your sim dreams of becoming a successful author, or a successful business manager.

As you play through the game you will learn to love the quirks and idiosyncrasies of your handcrafted sims, and you will have hours upon hours of fun making your household a resounding success.

Puzzler World DSi XL Game
Puzzler World DSi XL Game | Source

9) Puzzler World DSi XL Game

Puzzler World DS might work on any console,but with some intricate devious puzzles, Puzzler World DS is definitely better on the Nintendo DSi XL With over 1000 puzzles available, from Sudoku to Spot the Difference, you will find hundreds of hours of entertainment packed in to this amazing puzzle DSi XL Game.

Puzzler World is a fantastic DSI XL Game for anyone looking to stretch their mental abilities, or simply for those who like to while away a few minutes here and there. The wide variety of puzzles in Puzzler World definitely helps to keep things fresh, and performance trackers can help you see just how well you are improving your puzzle solving abilities!

8) Pokemon Heart Gold and Pokémon Soul SIlver

Pokémon Heart gold and Pokémon Soul Silver are both some of  the more recent additions to the Pokemon series.  Both of these fantastic games feel a little bit better when you play them on the larger Nintendo DSi XL game screen.

The immersive DSi XL gameplay in Pokémon Soul Silver and Pokémon Heart Gold is definitely more indepth when you play these top DSi XL games on the larger more comfortable DSi XL.

As you take the role of a Pokémon master you will find yourself traversing huge continents finding the very best monsters for you to fight with, in person, or via the Internet!

The Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Nintendo DSi XL Games.
The Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Nintendo DSi XL Games. | Source

7) Personal Trainer Math DS

This might not be the most exciting game in my top ten DSi XL Games, but the big screen makes learning and improving maths skills a breeze, rather than a strain on the eyes.  With over 40 different exercises, and plenty of variation, Personal Trainer Maths is one of the best DSi XL games for improving your maths skills, or teaching your child maths.

While this great DSi XL game might be targetted to children, adults can use it to improve often forgetten math techniques such as long division, or complex multiplications.  Just a few minutes a day can really help keep your brain in tip top mathmatical shape!

Top DSi XL Game

Best Nintendo DSi XL Game
Best Nintendo DSi XL Game | Source
The Style Savvy DSi XL Game is one of the best girls DSi games.
The Style Savvy DSi XL Game is one of the best girls DSi games. | Source

6) Style Savvy DSi XL Game

Style Savvy is one of the best Nintendo DSi XL games for girls. It has a huge selection of fashion, and you must learn to satisfy your customers fashion needs in this top DSi XL game. While this game works fine on the original Nintendo DS, the DSi XL brings the game to life with it's larger screens.

Style Savvy is great for all young girls with a love of fashion. Endless hours of gameplay can be had as you try to bring the best styles to your customers, and unlock new designs with the cash you earn!

DSi XL Games

One of the Best DSi Games, Mario Kart DS.
One of the Best DSi Games, Mario Kart DS. | Source

5) Super Mario Kart

Super Mario Kart might not immediately feel as if it needs a larger screen. however for those of us who find it hard to spot upcoming racers, the special abilities symbols, and more, the larger screens make Mario Kart DS more involving and easier to play.

With the larger screens on Super Mario Kart DS the fast paced action becomes much easier to follow, with up to eight players fighting for the number one spot at any time. Combine this with Mario Kart Battles and more, and things really start to heat up!

It is well known that this great DSi XL game provides a huge amount of entertainment in both single player and multi player modes. This great unlimited fast paced playability is made even better on the Nintendo DSi XL.

Top Ten DSi XL Games

Best DSi XL Games
Best DSi XL Games | Source

4) Final Fantasy the 4 Heroes of Light

When you first look at Final Fantasy the 4 Heroes of Light it might not be immediately apparent that this great DSi XL game would benefit from the Nintendo DSi XL. However with a more comfortable stylus for longer gameplay, and a less strenuous screen, Final Fantasy fans will definitely enjoy the benefits of having a Nintendo DSi XL for Final Fantasy the 4 Heroes of Light.

The game itself has a great set of customization options to give you full control over your characters. On top of that, the visuals and audio track are incredibly immersive. As you embark upon your quest you will find yourself able to explore huge lands, and defeat hundreds of unique monsters.

2) Super Scribblenauts

The Super Scribblenauts DSi XL game is one of the best Nintendo DSi XL games available. It is limited only by your imagination as you can use over 10,000 words to create a path through every level.

Since most of Super Scribblenauts requires you to type words quickly, the more accurate DSi XL stylus is incredibly helpful, as is the larger screen. This means less mistakes, faster gameplay, and more fun.

Super Scribblenauts is a unique and fun game which is suitable for all ages. Completing each level may appear easy, but the more complex your escape, the more points you get. Try to make an ingenious route with imaginative objects to reach the very highest scores possible in this top DSi XL games.

Best DSi XL Games

Best Strategy DSi XL Game
Best Strategy DSi XL Game | Source

3) Lego Battles

Lego Battles is not only one of the only DSi XL Strategy games, but it also incorporates a huge amount of customization to let you build an amazing force to conquer missions and your friends.

The bad news is that on smaller Nintendo DS Screens the action can easily become confusing, the fantastic Lego Battles Nintendo DSi XL game helps you see the battle a little more clearly and can help you win with your more accurate chunky stylus.

Lego Battles itself is a brilliant game which lets you fight with your vavorite Lego set, be it space bound, or pirate led!

Top Ten DSi XL Games

Check out the Super Scribblenauts DSi XL Game.
Check out the Super Scribblenauts DSi XL Game. | Source
The Number One DSi XL Game
The Number One DSi XL Game | Source

1) Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future is one of the latest games in the Professor Layton series.  It's text heavy interface and hard to spot items sometimes made the game a bit of a drag, but on the Nintendo DSi XL you will find the game flows much more smoothly, and you no longer have to squint to read the copious amounts of text.

If you like puzzle and mystery DSi XL Games then Professor Layton and the Unwound Future really is a great choice for you.  Thanks to it's intricate story lines, and compelling lovable characters, you will find yourself addicted to this brilliant DSi XL game.

The great thing is that this top DSi XL game provides a huge amount of entertainment, and with a clever hints system, along with weekly downloadable puzzles, you will never get bored of this fantastic Nintendo DSi XL Game!


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      5 years ago

      This website is not as useful as I thought but I found some games :)

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      7 years ago

      i think mario bros would be my favourite

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      style savvy is actually style boutique and style lab makeover is actually girls makeover that's what i realised because i play those on my nintendo dsi system

      this website is awesome

    • profile image

      the new people 

      7 years ago

      thanks this website has helped a lot

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      7 years ago

      your the best website in the world ! Everyone said your you. have a nice jod!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      i love the dsi xl

    • DNemesis profile image


      7 years ago

      Mario Kart has always been a personal fave. Can't wait for the new 3DS and see what it brings with it.

    • ocbill profile image


      8 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      great ideas at the right time of the year. Holiday season


    • profile image

      Ken Moncrieff 

      8 years ago

      A fantastic hub - you obviously have a proclivity for

      being a professional hubber.


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