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DT Diaries

Updated on March 28, 2017


I’m Stripes, a level 6 player and one of the mentors on Dragon’s Tale. I have 8 active students. I have been playing Dragons Tale for about 3 and a half months, at the time of writing.

Dragon's Tale is an online MMO Bitcoin casino. It’s free to play, no subscription or anything, and you can even get a few free bitmills in game to try it out. You can also get a mentor to help you learn the game.

Perhaps this article series can even answer some questions, like what is Dragon's Treasures? Why are the coins always right next to the hole you've just dug? What's with the Mongolians? Maybe even why did Izme want to go in a bench kicking event?

The world of Dragon's Tale
The world of Dragon's Tale

Stripes' Tale

Part 1 A New World

Just entered Dragons Tale and it looks quite pretty, and rather big. Not many other players on at the moment though.

Started to explore, and find the places on my task list with the compass I have to find and read about zodiac fire, palace garden, dynasty fire and a coconut palm. After wandering around a bit, probably going the wrong way several times, I managed to find them. Got a few btm from some soldiers, don’t know why it’s asking whether I accept or not, if I’m asking for a gift, I’m not going to refuse, am I? lol. Played silly monkey, and it is rather silly, it keeps landing in the pit. Still, I’m up 10btm, and I’m now level 1.

Me in Dragons Tale
Me in Dragons Tale

I spent a few days just looking round and trying the games, and nobody really talked to me during that time, I only saw another player run past sometimes. Later, I have seen that’s because that is not usually a very busy time.


I was just playing around, playing silly monkey etc. like I had been doing for the last few days, when another new player called Codex asked me, “Do we need a mentor?”

“It might help,” I replied. I hadn’t really thought about it before, I didn’t know what it involved, apart from what was self-evident. A mentor is a sort of teacher.

“Everybody needs a mentor,” said another voice, and standing behind us were Superthc and Kayla.

“How do you get a mentor? Asked Codex.

“You ask someone,” said Superthc.

“Ok, can someone be my mentor?” I said.

“Of course, Stripes,” replied Superthc. “Click on my avatar.”

“Kayla, will you be my mentor?” Asked Codex, and she did.

That’s how Superthc became my mentor, at about the same time as Kayla became Codex’s. I regret to say he hasn’t become a regular player though. That was an important event for me, getting a mentor, and it was the start of me talking to people much on the game really. I’m glad that happened and grateful to Superthc for that.

Hint: It’s a good idea to explain to potential students what a mentor is and does. It’s not so clear to them at first.

Relevant links

DT Diaries Part 2 - The next part in the series. - Here is an article about DT based on elbitcoin's experience and impressions as a new player. (It is in Spanish, so you may have to turn on the translator!)


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    • profile image

      noq 5 years ago

      So that's how superthc become your mentor? :-)

      Nice article, Stripes.