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DT Diaries Part 2

Updated on February 23, 2017

The Story So Far

In Part 1, I entered the world of Dragon's Tale, got lost, played some games and got a mentor. I also became level 1.

(Cue Hub Music).

Hub Music

Part 2 Contests and Capers

Took part in an all games freeroll, you bet 1btm at any game, and the person that wins the most, wins the contest. It was fun, several people were fighting over the great wall, and someone was like “we need more 1btm walls” lol. So I was like “now I know your secret ;)”. I didn’t have many btm to use, but unsquidly heard me say so and gave me 100btm, which was a pleasant surprise! I played silly monkey, not sure if that was a good idea or not, maybe a silly one? but I did alright, probably because other people were busy fighting over the great wall lol. I didn’t win but I got 65 btm from the contest.

Hint: Freerolls are a good way to get a few extra bitmills (and they're fun!)

There is a new trash can game, which is very random, I keep finding melons, and ceiling tiles. Some items you find pay, and some don’t, some are just totally random, a bug in a jar? Superthc found lots of junk, and Bitdrago (someone else in my mentor group) found something very unpleasant, he said. Superthc lost his bitmills on the bins. That adds new meaning to ‘throwing your money away’ lol. I gave him a few, I had some to spare after the contest.

The next contest is tomorrow at noon; Di kindly arranged it at a convenient time for me. I like how the developer is in game and you can talk to him personally. It does give an impression of a friendly, personal approach, and that he appears to be genuinely interested in the game and players. He always fixes any problems for us.

Melons and contest
Melons and contest

Next Day 14/02/12

It is actually Valentine’s Day, as you can see by the date. I’m on DT a little earlier than usual because I got woken up early to a nice surprise, but also for the contest. This next contest is a mid-stakes gamble; you can bet a bit more than 1 btm. Perhaps it wasn’t such a good time for everyone else since only me and Superthc ended up taking part, we were pretty much the only ones logged on lol. It was kind of quiet and relaxed for a contest, I was playing silly monkey again, and Superthc came and watched me with a drink.

“You’re trying to win with drink?” I asked him.

“Yep,” he replied.

He watched me play fireflies as well for a bit, before going off to play tea fire. Perhaps he wasn’t really trying. I won in the end, and that still is the only contest I’ve won yet, but I will win another one day! I’ve come quite close.

Drinks with Superthc
Drinks with Superthc

Finally finished my level one tasks after several days of shaking coconut trees, playing element fire and enough digging in the garden to have tilled it for crops lol. Superthc bought me a drink, as is the custom. Mentors buy their students a drink when they level up. I got some more btm from that to spend on level 2 now. Next, lots of fishing.

Hint: observing social customs like that is as important as learning the games, especially if you plan on becoming a mentor. It's not just a casino, it's an MandS casino, lol. It's a multiplayer game, so other people are very much a part of it.

Relevant links

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Does anyone else think the melons are totally random?

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      ...observing social customs like that...

      Thanks for learning me a thing or two :-)


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