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DT Diaries Part 3

Updated on July 11, 2012

The Story So Far

In Part 2, I took part in a couple of contests, found melons in the new bin game and became level 2.

(Cue Hub Music).

Hub Music

Part 3 A Lazy Afternoon

Today, Superthc wasn’t on, which was unusual, he has been just about every day till now. He was doing something else apparently, and I’d said see you later before going yesterday, typical! lol. Good job he’d shown me how to do rice pond, and helped me to do some of my fishing tasks yesterday. I like fishing at rice pond while Superthc watches and helps me.

I still remember it quite clearly, me fishing and Superthc standing by the rack watching, and answering any questions I had, such as ‘why can’t I drink a beer sometimes?’ I remember asking just then.

“Because you can’t drink beer when the fish are black,” he replied.

I’m reminded of it now when I show a student rice pond, although I am the one standing beside the rack telling them what to do now, partly because I also thought one day it’s going to be me who’s the mentor standing there where Superthc is. I felt quite the noob then, but that was to be expected, I was, at that time.

I’ll just say that’s one thing I thought would happen that did, the rest I never would have guessed.

I am in the same group as Kayla, even though it was Superthc who became my mentor, because Superthc is her student, so she is my mentor’s mentor anyway. Also in the group is TheRealJoker007, or trj for short, another student of Kayla, and Bitdrago is in the same group too.

The Great Wall is evil
The Great Wall is evil


I played the Great Wall and after discovering it’s evil, I said so in chat.

“lol, it sure is,” replied izme.

“Evil as can be,” agreed Bitdrago.

I had asked Superthc about it before and what he said was right, it’s surprising how many Mongolians there can be! There is not supposed to be that many i'm sure. When you get mongolians it also says 'All you can think about is mongolians' lol, well, there is enough of them! In fact I don’t know what’s more worrying, that or what Di must have been thinking when he made that up, lol.

We have people from all over the world on Dragon’s Tale, but no one from Mongolia yet, as far as I know, I don’t know what they’d make of the Great Wall.

A herb
A herb

I also found my first herb, a 1btm one, (oh well, it’s a start!) coincidently (wasn’t really looking, and didn’t know what they looked like before) and several people jumped to me when I called out. That’s kinda funny, I almost want to find another one so I can do that again lol.

Hint: I would scout for herbs, before buying a licence, when you buy a licence you need to have an idea what your doing so you can at least make the cost of the licence back. Scouting costs nothing, is a good way to practice, and you get half the value of any herb you find.

You may find new or older players doing this as it’s a good way to raise some btm.

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    • Scorpio21 profile image

      Scorpio21 5 years ago

      Yes, and him as well, :)

    • profile image

      noq 5 years ago

      Try placing 15 paintings without running into mongolians :-)

      A friend will probably tell you that mongolians seem to like you :-)