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DT Diaries: Why people stand around in Reflecting Pools

Updated on February 20, 2016

In this instalment, me and Peter find that coffee is evil and rainy falls is expensive right now, Telera finds cheap 1btc pigs, and Scorpian finds a hot tub.

If you play Dragon’s tale and come across a group of people standing in a reflecting pool, drinking and smoking, you might wonder why, it is a funny sight! Well here is the story behind it. It’s not long or complicated, but amusing I hope.

Standing in the hot tub
Standing in the hot tub

Me and Peter were helping my student Scorpian with his level tasks, at level 3, which involve playing pvp games such as reflecting pool and tug.

“Hey! It’s a hot tub!” said Scorpian, when he saw the reflecting pool, and stood in it. "Yeah, let's turn on the bubbles," said Peter. Me and Peter were like ‘lol’.

Peter has been calling the reflecting pool a hot tub ever since, and started to go and stand in them with drinks and cigars, he also invited other people to join him there, so that’s now why you may see groups of people standing around in reflecting pools, lol. Other people have also started calling them hot tubs as well now.

Scorpian finds a hot tub
Scorpian finds a hot tub

Later, Telera found some cheap pigs on Zhifu and called us over to have a look, they turned out to be the 1btc pigs in the new land area of Zhifu, she must have thought it said 1btm, not 1btc.

Me and Peter had several tasty coffees, which have been renamed evil coffees. (Noqnae would be pleased if he had that many tasty coffees in real life, lol) DT is the only place I've come across where it's not good if the drinks and food are tasty.

The Price of Rainy Falls

Someone was asking about skill games to play, and Rainy Falls was suggested as one of them.

“Rainy Falls is expensive right now,” I told them. Then Peter and Marhjan also said so, and Telera said “What was that about the price of Rainy Falls?”

“It’s just something I heard, said Peter.

“Yeah, I did hear it was kinda expensive right now,” agreed Marhjan.

Shortly afterwards, Ikari said “I’ve just played Rainy Falls, and didn’t realise it was so expensive,” and I don’t think he was joking. Obviously, he didn’t hear that Rainy Falls was expensive right now, lol.

Later, Peter sent Marhjan a message saying ‘ Its just something I heard, but Rainy Falls is expensive right now!

“Your too much!” was Marhjan’s reply.

That has become a running joke between us, and the way trj continues to play it,, we are going to be able to comment on the price of Rainy Falls for a while yet.

Rainy Falls
Rainy Falls

Hint: Check whether games are expensive right now, before you play them, lol.

Update: Di has replaced the hot tub near Ying bar with a fountain, so you may also see people standing in the fountain drinking and smoking now.

Also, Rainy Falls is still expensive right now!


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