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Dark Ball

Updated on April 26, 2012
The Pokemon Dark Ball in Use
The Pokemon Dark Ball in Use

The Pokemon Dark Ball

There are two types of Pokemon Dark Ball that you could be referring to when you think of the Pokemon Dark Ball.

  • The first made it's debut, and only appearance, in the Pokemon Movie - Celebi: Voice of the Forest
  • The Second is a direct translation from Japanese that is not used in English

Let's take a look at these two versions of different Pokeballs.

Why a Hub About This?

So what inspired this hub? After all it's a bit of a random Pokemon subject!

It was this thread about Pokemon Dark Ball over on that got me interested. I didn't know much on the subject so hunted around to gather the info needed. After that it seemed natural to make a hub on it!

Dark Ball in Pokemon Movies

As we mentioned the Dark Ball made it's only and only anime appearance during the movie Celebi: Voice of the Forest.

It is a ball that acts like no other, and was only used by the Iron-Masked Marauder. It's attributes include

  • Being able to capture Pokemon owned by other trainers (it was used to catch a Pokemon Poacher's Tyranitar).
  • Saps them of their free will - they obey the owners every wish
  • Makes them 'soul less'. That is not really described in depth
  • Boosts their power levels to the maximum
  • Made their skin darker in color

The good news is that it is possible to escape a Pokemon Dark Ball - Celebi managed to exert a tremendous force of will to break free, though it nearly died in the process. It's breaking free also caused the dark ball to break.

There have been no other appearances of it anywhere in the Pokemon world, the movie was the only place it's been found so far.

The Dark Pokeball - A Literal Translation

Despite the movie version not ever been seen again, there is a Dark Pokeball in just about every Pokemon game since Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. The difference is that it is not called that.

In Japanese the name for the ball is Pokemon Dark Ball. But to avoid confusion with the movie version of the Dark Ball it was instead renamed. We now know it as the Dusk Ball.

So when people say that you 'can' get a Pokemon Dark Ball in the games, they are usually referring to the Dusk Ball rather than the Dark Ball that was seen in the Celebi movie. So sorry, no chances of getting the Dark Ball from the anime just yet!


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