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Dark Cloud: Why hasn't Level-5 continued this amazing franchise?

Updated on December 6, 2012
Monica | Source

The first game of the franchise came pretty much at the same time than the PlayStation 2, and it quickly became a success for Level-5. So they decided to create a second game (story-wise unrelated to the first), and it too became a really good game. After being succesful with a product, you'd suppose that they would keep producing it, then howcome Level-5 hasn't created the third installment of this series?

So what has Level-5 been doing after all this? After the Dark Cloud era, Level-5 started to develop games for hand-held devices rather than consoles. Well, they did develop a few console games, like the White Knight Chronicles games, although they weren't as good as the Cloud's series. Their developing skills have been used for the Nintendo DS/3DS and some others for the PlayStation Portable / Vita. And what about the current console generation? Well, just the White Knight Chronicles (3 games) and another RPG called Ni no Kuni. So yes, it's not like they're just slacking and that's why they haven't developed the third Dark Cloud game.

Another interesting fact, was that Akihiro Hino, designer of Dark Cloud 2, confirmed that there would be a third installment on the PS2... Well, now even the PS3's lifespan is coming to an end and we still haven't heard anything about this.

Dark Cloud 3 Interview

The website known as Kotaku, published an article back in 2009 basically saying that if fans began to show more interest about getting the third game of the Dark Cloud series, they would seriously consider making it.

Well, this kind of reminds me to what happened to Legend of Dragoon - a lot of fans have interest in another game, yet none of these developers have heeded our call. I'm a big fan of both these franchises, so I'd definitely love to see them continue, and I know there are plenty of people out there that want this as well. Since both of these games, have many petition sites, facebook groups, etc., asking the developers to please revive these series. I'll just post a few links here in case any of you feel like helping out! After all, hope dies last.

Which Dark Cloud game was better in your opinion?

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    • FSDInferno profile imageAUTHOR

      José Arturo 

      5 years ago from Mexico City

      That sucks man. Yeah hopefully you can try it someday, both of them are really good, specially the second one in my opinion. It's a shame that Level-5 hasn't launched a third game after so many years...

    • Rhiannon Schaefer profile image

      Rhiannon Schaefer 

      5 years ago from Fort Wayne

      I have not been able to play (The copy of Dark Cloud that was sold to me refused to work whatsoever), but I'm very interested in this franchise. All around, graphics, gameplay, and storyline, this is immensely interesting and inviting. I hope to add a working copy of this to my gaming library someday.

    • FSDInferno profile imageAUTHOR

      José Arturo 

      5 years ago from Mexico City

      Precisely, I couldn't agree more with you... but such is life, my friend.

    • ndemarco profile image

      Nick DeMarco 

      5 years ago from Jessup, PA

      I feel your pain, my friend. There are so many great games, especially RPGs, that have been created throughout the years, and yet developers are like "Buy the rehashed/redone crap we put out, and then MAYBE we'll make a new one." Of course, us gamers are like "But the stuff you have now sucks, the other stuff is better" and of course, no one hears our cries. I'm still waiting for a new Chrono game myself, and which seems highly unlikely at this point.


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