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Dark Souls 2: How to Beat Elana Squalid Queen ( Crown of the Sunken King )

Updated on July 22, 2014

Dark Souls 2: Elana Squalid

Elana Squalid's lair is found by the entrance of the Dragons Rest in Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Sunken King DLC. Elana will attempt to destroy her foes with various explosive attacks and dark energy attacks. The minions she summons will provide a distraction for her, possibly allowing her to dispose of her foes with her variety of attacks. She is both a sorcerer and a summoner.

Watch out for her explosive attack, which is a long range type of attack! Elana will spawn one or two areas of the room with a dangerous combustive fire. You will only have a short moment to avoid this attack, as the energy of the fire will explode almost immediately. Move and roll out of the way to avoid this attack as soon as you see the combustive fire manifest near you. Failure to avoid this attack will result in the player taking moderate damage, along with falling down on the ground.

Crown of the Sunken King Boss: Elana Squalid

Elana will also cast three hexes in a stream, or she will cast a wide spread of multiple hexes. Keep moving and rolling to avoid these attacks. These are long range attacks, however, they may be more difficult to avoid if you are at medium range, as you may not have enough time to avoid the hexes.

There is a magical explosion that Elana casts too. This is an area effect attack, but it is only at closer ranges. She will primarily use this when players are attacking her with melee.

Elana has a staff for a weapon and will attack players at close range with it. However, Elana has the unique ability to teleport, so she may teleport near a player and attack with her staff. Always be on guard and be prepared to move and/or roll out of the way and counter her attacks. But fortunately, her staff is fairly weak and relatively easy to avoid in Dark Souls 2.

Dark Souls 2: Elana Squalid - Summoning Powers

Three golden skeletons will be summoned by Elana. These golden skeletons are weak, though, and are easily dispatched. Be careful, however, as she will still try to inflict explosive attacks on you and other players when you are dealing with the skeletons. The skeletons mainly play in her favor as a distraction since they are weak.

The other summon spell Elana has is much more powerful. She can potentially summon a giant mace-wielding creature to fight alongside her. This enemy is significantly more powerful than the skeleton enemies. The attacks of this mace-wielding foe are fairly easy to avoid. But if Elana is focused on you, it may be more difficult to dispatch of this enemy.

The key to this battle is to keep moving while still remaining aggressive. It's easier to kill Elana Squalid in the Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Sunken King DLC when you work with other players. Some players can focus on attacking her at close range, while you attack at long range or vice versa.

Elana is vulnerable to several quick ranged attacks in the beginning seconds of the fight. Take advantage of this to deal some damage.


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