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Dark Souls 2: How to Beat Sinh Slumbering Dragon (Crown of Sunken King)

Updated on July 23, 2014

Sinh The Slumbering Dragon: Final Boss

Playing in cooperative will be the best way to battle this menacing dragon boss. If you are playing solo, it will be more difficult because "Sinh The Slumbering Dragon" will focus all of its attacks on you. When you have a couple teammates with you, they can help divert the attention away from you. Or you can divert attention to yourself and your team mates can attack the dragon without fear of taking as much potential damage.

Sinh The Slumering Dragon is a massive deadly boss. The dragon has a numerous number of attacks that can cause moderate to high damage.

Where is Sinh The Slumbering Dragon?

The final boss, Sinh, occupies the area behind Elana's lair behind the mural. Sinh sleeps past the last Bonfire.

Crown of the Sunken King Final Boss

Sinh has both standing attacks and airborne attacks. The dragon will fly through the air and land, and attack players with various fire and physical attacks. Watch out for Sinh's diving attack! This is a very fast head-on attack that will damage any player who is in front of Sinh. While in the air, the dragon can also shoot fireballs at you.

Use ranged ammunition/spell attacks while Sinh is soaring through the air. The dragon will spend quite a lot of time in the air, but will land at times. When Sinh lands, watch out for the wing flap attack and the tail swipe attack. Roll or block the wing flap attack and roll out of the way when Sinh tail swipes.

The dragon will use many fireball attacks. Roll out of the away of these to avoid damage. Sinh's fiery spread attack is not avoided as easily unfortunately. The player must be a great distance from the fiery attack to avoid taking damage. Or the player can get behind the dragons neck and attack with melee. In this fashion, you can deal damage and also avoid taking it. The neck will push you away from the flame, which keeps you safe for the duration of the deadly fiery attack.

Sinh The Slumbering Dragon

Keys to Defeating Final Boss in Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Sunken King

  • Preferably play in coop instead of solo
  • One player should attack with ranged attacks, while the other players fight the dragon when it lands with melee
  • Since Sinh deals both fire and poison damage, equip gear that repels those elements
  • Roll away from the fireball attacks
  • Get behind the neck of the dragon when he uses the fiery spread attack
  • Carefully pay attention to the dragon when he is flying. He will use his diving attack fairly frequently. Keep moving and use ranged attacks until he lands on the ground.

The final boss is an endurance battle. It requires patience, but the dragon can be defeated as long as players avoid his fiery attacks and keep the pressure on the boss.

After defeating Sinh, it drops the its soul and the Crown of the Sunken King.


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