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Dark Souls II Walkthrough, Part Eleven: Belfry Luna - The Belfry Gargoyles

Updated on March 17, 2014
Dark Souls II owned by Namco Bandai. Images used for educational purposes only.
Dark Souls II owned by Namco Bandai. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

The Lost Bastille is a big place, and you probably don't even know how big at first glance. There are two complete side areas to be found in this place, both with their own bosses, and the first you'll locate is the Belfry Luna. It's not as difficult as the second, which shows up a bit later, but it does have a rather dangerous appeal... especially if you dislike, oh, gargoyles...

Lost Bastille

- Belfry Luna is located in the small room beneath the Servants' Quarters Bonfire in the Lost Bastille. The details of getting down to it, and what's found in that small room, are in this article. Just be wary of the single hound that lurks down here and you'll be fine.

- (This next area is apparently huge on spawning invaders in multiplayer, so be wary to enter if you're online. Just sayin'.)

- Immediately inside the door of Belfry Luna is a small man on a desk. He will admit you into the Bell Keeper covenant if you haven't already got a covenant.

- Go up the stairs. A phantom bell ringer will pop up and attack. His strikes are a little slow, but they pack a big punch. Engage him carefully. Check the railing on the floor he defends for a Skeptic's Spice.

- Go up the next set of stairs. There are two more bell keeper phantoms up here, though they're nicely spaced out so you won't have to engage both simultaneously.

- Climb the ladder in the corner of the room. There are three more phantoms up on the ramparts in plain sight, and another is skulking around nearby. You're also quite likely to get a Bell Keeper phantom invader up here, which is an upgraded version of the other guys. I suggest luring the bell keepers around behind the walls so you can engage them in smaller numbers. In particular you want to avoid the archers until the end, as they make fighting the melee brawlers an incredible pain. Your target up here is a lever to the right of the ladder; if you're quick you can pull it and retreat without taking significant damage. Check a corpse up here for a Skeptic's Spice, and the chest for two Radiant Lifegems and two Twilight Herbs.

- Go back down the ladder. There's a mist door on this floor, and because you rang the bell it has been unlocked. Pass through when you're prepared...

Belfry Gargoyles

On their own, Belfry Gargoyles aren't that bad. Not much worse than normal enemies, really, though with slightly more punch. In a pack, though? Ouch. The Belfry Gargoyles have the following attacks:

- A simple side-to-side swipe. Not too bad. This will occasionally turn into a combo that still doesn't have as bad a range as you might expect.

- A leaping attack that will put them behind you. Roll forward to avoid this.

- A breath attack that spews fire a fair distance. The Belfry Gargoyles also may leap into the air and hover for a moment before using this. I almost consider the fire to be a free attack, as it's not that difficult to avoid and takes them a long time to execute.

Your one big advantage in this fight is the slow speed of the Gargoyles. Even at their fastest they're still pretty cumbersome. Move around the rooftop constantly, rolling to avoid attacks and attempting to split the Gargoyles up so you can chew away at their HP. If more than one Gargoyle is coming at you, flee; if you're facing down one, take it on. They don't have much health, so it won't take that long to kill one... though there will be replacements as other Gargoyles come to life. You'll have to off five of the things in total before the battle ends; try to manage them such that you're only facing two Gargoyles at a time. Three can get pretty hairy.

- Beating the Belfry Gargoyles will earn you the Belfry Gargoyle Soul. Check the edge of their rooftop arena for a corpse that holds a Soul of a Proud Knight, as well.

- The Gargoyles kept watch over a tower. Enter it and descend to find a chest. Inside is a Southern Ritual Band. Head out onto the ramparts and you'll find the Upper Ramparts Bonfire.

- Beside this Bonfire is a ladder leading down into a thin courtyard. This place is watched over by six hounds, with one last one on an upper ledge, and quite often an invader if you're playing offline. Kill as many hounds as you can from the ramparts before descending, and keep on your toes constantly. You may be better off running through here to collect items and then retreating to the ladder again. There are two corpses here; the one by the bottom of the stairs holds the Bastille Key, while the one at the top of the stairs carries an Enchanted Falchion. The Bastille Key is important for an upcoming boss fight, and unless you want a serious challenge you should pick it up.


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