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Dark Souls II Walkthrough, Part Twenty: Earthen Peak - Covetous Demon

Updated on March 17, 2014
Dark Souls II owned by Namco Bandai. Images used for educational purposes only.
Dark Souls II owned by Namco Bandai. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

How lovely. After escaping the poison pits of Harvest Valley, you've discovered the poison pits of Earthen Peak. And these ones are even worse. Nevertheless, you have a job to do - and that hopefully doesn't include lining the bowels of a certain Covetous Demon...

Earthen Peak

- This article covers the first room of Earthen Peak. No worries, it's pretty simple.

- Take the lower path in the first room. There's a poison pool at the bottom, but you'll have to wade through it to reach the passage near the stairs. Take a right up the first stairs you find - and be ready to fight, as there are four small, slow, gas-emitting bugs inside. Keep back and kill them off with ranged attacks. In this room is a face requiring a Pharros Lockstone; it will unveil a face that you can dispel to find a chest. Inside the chest is a Poisonbite Ring and a Soul of a Proud Knight. The Poisonbite Ring increases poison resistance, and is a must-have for this dungeon.

- Reenter the passage and take a right. At the end of it is an Estus Flask Shard. Fancy.

- Return to the previous room, sloshing through the poison as quickly as you can, and climb to the upper path. It leads to a thin ramp leading upward. Edge forward along this until an unseen insect to your left sprays a gas cloud. Let the cloud dissipate, then clamber up and kill it.

- There's another poison insect at the top of the stairs, and past that two more hammer-wielding demons. Kill the insect, then lure the hammers down at you one-at-a-time. If you're careful you can get them onto the stairs, where, quite often, they'll just fall off the side. After they're dead, drop off of the top floor, through the rectangular slit in the floor, to find a corpse. Inside is a Skeptic's Spice.

- There's a misty door ahead. Don't use it just yet. Look to your right first and you'll see a small room; inside, another hammer. Take him out. In an adjacent, smaller room you'll find three insects and one final hammer-wielder. Lure the insects out first, take them on, then rush the hammer. In this room is a chest containing a trap... and a Torch. In short, don't bother with this chest.

- Now for a tricky bit. Return to the long set of stairs and look out over the room. Down and to the left is a platform above the pool of poison that you can only reach by jumping. Kill the insect on it, then leap down upon the platform at an angle, towards the door. You'll need a running jump to make it down, and unless you aim for the door you'll probably roll right over the platform. A sword-carrying brigand in an adjacent room will come at you when you enter, so be ready to fight.

- Be careful going through the next hallway. There's another sword fighter in the small space to your left, and in the middle of this tunnel is a plate that will activate an arrow trap behind you. Roll to the right or left to avoid them. A chest is straight ahead, but look to the alcoves to the left and right of it - the left has another sword fighter, the right a corpse that carries a Soul of a Nameless Soldier and three Titanite Shards. The chest contains a Heavy Crossbow +3 and 15 Heavy Bolts. Oooo.

- All done. Either use a Homeward Bone to zip back to the Bonfire or leap off of the platform to the stairs below. Time to check out that misty door. Be healed up and ready, 'cause it's boss time!

Covetous Demon

This has to be one of the simplest bosses in the game, though not any less dangerous for it. The Covetous Demon is a giant, sprawling beast, and it uses its massive bulk to its advantage by attempting to squash you flat. Once it gets close enough it will flop up into the air and come down on you. It will also thrash about in general when you're at its sides, which can be perilous without a shield, and if you're really unlucky it will try to swallow you. The swallowing is not that painful, but it will unequip your items. Ew. Nevertheless, not too bad at all. Circle it constantly, roll away when it flops up to attack, and strike when you're at its side. The Demon is slow enough that you can probably get two strikes in before it comes down to bear on you again. Keep this up until it dies. Ranged fighters have an advantage here, but still. Pretty easy, eh?

- Beating the Covetous Demon will earn you the Covetous Demon Soul. It will also open up a path nearby, one that leads to a Bonfire, Lower Earthen Peak. In this room you'll also find Lucateil, assuming you've been chatting with her consistently, and she'll give you a Ring of Steel Protection +1.

- And ahead? More dangers. What else is new?


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