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Dark Souls II Walkthrough, Part Six: Heidi's Tower of Flame - Heidi's Ruin

Updated on March 13, 2014
Dark Souls II owned by Namco Bandai. Images used for educational purposes only.
Dark Souls II owned by Namco Bandai. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

One boisterous soul down. How many left to go? Who knows, but it has to be done. Now that the Forest of Fallen Giants is but a memory (at least for now - you will be going back), your journey takes you to Heidi's Tower of Flame, a dangerous new location that, uh, may be on fire. Somewhat.


- Before embarking on this next suggestion, I highly suggest checking out a brief side trip in Manjula. This will require the House Key, which you can find in the Forest of Fallen Giants. The exact details for locating the key are in this article.

- The key fits with the largest house in Majula, which was heretofore locked. Stroll up and pop open the front door. Check the room straight ahead for a Pharros' Lockstone, held by a corpse behind a stack of books, then take a right.

- Presently you'll arrive at an intersection. Go up the stairs to your left and search the room on the second floor. In here is a chest containing three Titanite Shards and three Torches.

- Return to the room you skipped earlier. You'll find a set of stairs leading into the ground. Down ya go. Be ready, as a skeleton is about to attack. Lead it back up into the previous room, dodge and block its attacks for a few moments to get a sense of its patterns, and move in for the kill. Skeletons like to perform jumping slashes at the end of their patterns, so be ready to weave aside.

- There's a doorway to the left ahead. Look right of it to find a corpse carrying an Estus Flask Shard. Check the room beside it to find a chest containing a Soul Vessel.

- Emboldened and stronger, you should now be ready. Leave the house and look to the cliff on the outskirts of town. Specifically, you're looking for the door that leads down into the sewers, which you may have explored earlier. Descend into the darkness.

- Proceed all the way to the bottom of the staircase, until you see water. Look to the left side of the large flow gate, up on the masonry, for a pull chain. Use it to open the gate.

- Walk through the water. There's a corpse on the left side of this waterway that holds a Soul of a Lost Undead and a Broken Thief Sword. Take a right. Keep walking until you reach new heights...

Heidi's Tower of Flame

- ... aaaaaat which point you reach the new area. Yay.

- Dead ahead on the path is a massive armoured dude with a huge sword. He's basically your first test to see if you're ready for this place. Draw him to the side, parrying or blocking his long blows and waiting for him to pause - or to get stuck in his attack sequence. His reach is considerable, so go to the side rather than backing up. You'll get more chances to hit him this way, and he's slow enough that you should be able to stay on his sides without a ton of difficulty. Barring all else, thrown items and magic also work really well on these cumbersome foes. A Sorcerer can come here much earlier than the other classes.

- Can't beat him? Save yourself the return trip if / when you die. Run to the right as soon as you reach the dude. There's a Bonfire here, Heidi's Ruin, which you can light to cut down on your return time. Light quickly - he's quick in pursuing you, despite his plodding speed.

- There's another hulking figure ahead, this one with a mace. Slower hits, harder impacts. He's a bit easier, as most of his attacks are overhead slams that are easier to anticipate. Check the corpse behind him for a Soul of a Nameless Soldier and a Human Effigy.

- There's another heavily-armoured dude up the next set of stairs, though he won't bother you if you don't bother him. I recommend taking him on regardless - the switch behind him makes an upcoming boss battle a fair bit easier. Check beside the gate covering the stairs for a corpse that holds a Lloyd's Talisman.

- Across the next bridge is a large, beautiful space watched over by three warriors. Yikes. Dash towards the one on the right upon entering and roll past his blade before he can strike. Run for the stairs ahead... unless you think you can beat 'em, in which case, definitely use magic or items. Physical combat without really high stats is near suicidal.

- There's another circular platform down here, watched over by a swifter fighter. Off to the side is a chest; inside you'll find three Green Blossoms. Snag them if you think you have time (there will probably be pursuing soldiers from upstairs) and weave past the next guy. Coax him away from the mist door ahead, if you can, so you have enough time to pass through.

- Oh, and, uh, boss. Yep.


This battle is swift and brutal, but the Dragonrider's patterns are pretty straightforward. He has three general attacks:

- A forward thrust. The Dragonrider pulls his arm back and looses it straight at you. This has the longest range, but it's also the easiest to dodge - and it gives you lots of room to sweep in and chip away at his health.

- A sweeping blow. The Dragonrider cuts in a horizontal arc. This is probably his most dangerous move, and the toughest to dodge. Stay behind him to avoid this one.

- An overhead chop. Probably the least-dangerous, though if you get caught in it you'll be hit by two more attacks immediately after. Near-instant death. On the plus side, you again have plenty of opportunities after he's attacking to slip in and jab at him.

The Dragonrider himself is dangerous. What's worse is the size of the arena: it's a neat circle, surrounded on all sides by water. If the Dragonrider hits you hard enough, typically with his thrust, you'll go flying into the water. Instant death. (This also applies for him, by the way, and getting him up against the edge will give you a good chance of seeing him defeated.)

You must be constantly-evasive to survive this battle. Regardless of your weapon, get in close to the Dragonrider and roll around him to his shield's side, avoiding his front whenever possible. You want to hit his back. There's a lot of slow chipping and tense moments in this battle, and you really need to keep an eye on the edge of the platform, but that aside it's not that bad. Players with shields will find this battle a little easier, though it's not necessary to your ultimate survival.

(Having trouble with the water? Note the switch mentioned earlier in the article. If you hit it the platform will increase in size. There's still a chance of being knocked into the water, but you have more room to maneuvre nevertheless.

- Upon beating the Dragonrider you'll earn the Dragonrider Soul. You'll also pop open a door on the opposite side of the chamber. Step through to get to the roof of this shrine -

- and you'll find the Tower of Flame Bonfire waiting. Handy!


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