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Dark Souls II Walkthrough, Part Thirteen: Huntsman's Copse - Undead Refuge

Updated on March 23, 2014
Dark Souls II owned by Namco Bandai. Images used for educational purposes only.
Dark Souls II owned by Namco Bandai. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

You've wandered a forest, entered a castle or two, walked from one tower to the next, ventured through caves, even braved a pirate town. Have you seen anything like a copse? Nope, not yet. It's time you enter Huntsman's Copse, a gloomy place full of undead beasts and unsavoury characters who want to shank you in the side...


- To unlock this next area you must first drive Licia, the cleric in the Flame Tower above the Dragonrider's old haunts, to Majula. Go there and speak to her enough times that she talks of relocation.

- Return to Majula, assuming you have at least 2,000 souls, and look for Licia. She'll be lingering in the first chamber of the sewers, along the path that ultimately leads to Heidi's Tower of Flame.

- Speak to her. She will offer to open a nearby path - but you must give her 2,000 souls in exchange. (What a faker.)

- Go through the newly-opened door. Dead ahead is a corpse that carries Rouge Water. Continue onward, minding your footing along the way. The next section is rather steep, and the path small.

- Eventually you'll come to a man in a chair on your right. Once your intelligence and faith are high enough, he'll prove an able master for Hexes. Otherwise, he won't even talk to you. Continue past him... and you're in a new area!

Huntsman's Copse

- Upon entering you'll find a Bonfire to your left. Light it up to unlock Undead Refuge, which just sounds so chipper. Back to the path.

- Dead ahead is a rock formation overlooking a path. The corpse on your left as you approach will come to life if attacked, and another will shamble out of the cave. Beat up both and go inside.

- As you enter you'll see green dust, and a butterfly-like creature will be alit on a mushroom. Avoid the dust and shoot it down.

- Back outside. There's another ghoul ahead, slumped against the left wall as you head towards the outdoors. Keep following the path here until you wind up entering a structure.

- Inside you'll be attacked with arrows, and a fiend with daggers will rush out at you. Back away from the door to deal with the melee fighter before entering to fight the archer. There's another ranged fighter in here, so unless you can safely hold your own, it's best you rush to the door on your left. Approach...

- ... but make sure you roll back after a second, as a monster will burst through and attack. Retreat outside if you haven't taken out the archers and deal with it, then rush back in and through the door.

- You'll be on a cliff's edge once you're back inside. Follow the path out until it splits. The larger path ahead leads to a ladder, while the thinner path under the bridge ahead leads to a corpse bearing a Cracked Red Eye Orb. Be wary going under the bridge, as a rogue will leap forward and bash your brains in if you don't roll backward.

- Go down the ladder. Check along the underside of the large stone arch stretching at your back; you'll find a hole in the masonry that leads to a Bonfire, Bridge Approach. We'll deal with the lands beyond this hole in another section.

- Leave the hole, knock down the tree beside it to create a path back into the building where you were attacked earlier, and climb back up onto the top of the arch. Reenter the building.

- You can now take the two bandits that ambushed you earlier by surprise. Kill them off, then quietly hop into the pit in the bottom of this room. There will be a few ghouls patrolling down here; you can kill the nearest, but ignore the rest. Keep the room quiet.

- Climb the stairs on the other side of the pit. You'll come up beside one of the archers, and he probably won't know you're there. Take him down. There's a melee fighter to your left; take him out next. That done, descend into the pit and finish off the ghouls - minding the circular hole in the middle of the floor.

- Once the area's cleared, check the edge of the hole for a corpse carrying a Soul of a Nameless Soldier and a Lifegem, and another corpse in the corner of the room for a Bandit's Knife.

- Climb the stairs to find a ladder in another corner. You'll wind up on the roof. On the other side is a rogue; he'll dash at you with vicious melee attacks. Kill him off and cautiously approach the gap in the walls across the roof. A second rogue will leap out and attack. Do the same as the last.

- Approach the edge. If you drop off you'll find a corpse carrying a Poison Moss and a Lifegem. You'll have to die to escape this place normally, so unless you have a Homeward Bone ready I don't recommend hopping onto this small ledge.

- Enough of this. Return to the Bonfire, rejuvenate yourself, and set off towards your next destination - hopefully something much safer than this place. Onwards, into the copse!


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    • MattWritesStuff profile image

      Matt Bird 3 years ago from Canada

      I can't change the url, unfortunately. It's stuck like that. Shrug.

      Thanks, JasoX. I'll stick that in.

    • profile image

      JasoX 3 years ago

      Felkin the Outcast, man in the chair is hex trainer and merchant. you need int and faith to be 8 then he speaks to you.

    • profile image

      Dave Badkid 3 years ago

      The URL needs to be fixed for this page, it still says part 10, when it's part 13. I understand you added the bellfry luna and sinner's rise later than the huntsman's copse, even though it's sooner in the play though timeline.