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Dark Souls II Walkthrough, Part Thirty-One: Brightstone Cove Tseldora - Chapel Threshold

Updated on March 23, 2014
Dark Souls II owned by Namco Bandai. Images used for educational purposes only.
Dark Souls II owned by Namco Bandai. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

One weird undead cult later, you're back on the road to the depths of Brightstone Cove Tseldora, which is about as bright and cheery as you might expect of a Dark Souls II location. More, this den of venomous evil seems to have a preoccupation with arachnids that's downright odd...

Brightstone Cove Tseldora

- Go down the stairs by the Bonfire. You'll hit sand at the bottom. Look beneath the stairs to find a Soul of a Proud Knight.

- There are two urns in an adjacent room. Smash through them to find two Wilted Dusk Herbs.

- You'll emerge onto the cliffs through the next hole in the wall. A magic user below will fire spells at you, and a spider waits on the other side of a zipine. Kill or ignore the magic user, slide across, kill the spider, and run up the cliff towards a small house.

- Enter. If you've been keeping up with the Pate / Creighton storyline, you'll find them fighting it out in this room. You now have the choice of helping one or the other. Kill Creighton and he'll drop Creighton's Steel Mask, and Pate will give you the Tseldora Den Key. Kill Pate, and he'll drop Pate's Spear and a Ring of Thorns; Creighton will give you the key instead. You are completely at liberty to kill both of them, if you wish. (Poor Pate.)

- There's a small door nearby; inside you'll be ambushed by a spider. Don't bother entering. Check the rear of the house to find urns that hide three Charcoal Pine Resins, then look to your left to find a hidden passage behind a bookcase.

- A corpse in the hidden passage holds a Torch. Go through the door ahead; you'll come out on a ledge, and a strange human-spider hybrid lingers nearby. Kill him off and check a corpse up here for a Titanite Chunk. You can ambush the enemies in this area from above, if you wish.

- Head back outside and check out the second zipline. There's another spider down here, as well as a sorcerer if you didn't kill him before. Run through the doorway nearby to avoid incoming magic.

- Ahead is a small room with a sorcerer dead ahead, another to your left, and a spider hanging overhead. Stay back by the door if you can and shoot from afar. Be careful of the hole in the middle. Check the corpse in here after the area is clear for four Lightning Urns.

- Check the next doorway. There's a Bonfire down here you can light, as well as a spider in a nearby corner. Pop open the nearby door to wind up outside.

- A sorcerer in the distance will begin to fire on you slowly. Head right, away from the giant quicksand pit, and three spiders will clamber over a hill to get at you. Kill them off, then bash away the cart to find a corpse that holds a Petrified Dragon Bone.

- Return to the door, then edge along the quicksand. A beast will leap out of the sand on your way to the next door up. Back up and kill it, then run through the door to the left.

- If you saved Ornifex in Shaded Woods, you'll find her workshop here. She's a blacksmith, and will sell you some decent items and sorcery spells. She also offers some awesome weaponry in exchange for boss souls. The first one is free! Smash the urns in her room to find a Pharros' Lockstone, and smash the shelves for a Flame Butterfly.

- Back outside. Continue along the sand towards the sorcerer. There's another enemy hiding in the sand along the way; look for the tip of its head before it can leap up and surprise you.

- Pop open the doors at the end of this path. Another sorcerer waits within, watched over by a spider. Rush in, kill the spider, and take out the sorcerer. Don't back up or you risk hitting the quicksand.

- Check behind the two bookcases in this room. You'll find a hidden space watched over by a spider, hiding to your left. Kill it off and check the chest it was guarding for a Crescent Axe and a Soul Vortex.

- Return to the larger room and climb the sand into an adjacent passage. Up the sand hill to your left is a corpse that holds a Titanite Chunk. To the right is a door; pop through.

- You're now in the remains of a courtyard, and there are two more man-spider hybrids. Pull them up to the doorway to fight them single-file.

- Check the house to your left. There are two spiders on the bottom floor; kill them off and go upstairs. You'll find a door to the balcony, and on it a corpse that carries a Large Titanite Shard. Beside you is a large archway, connected to the courtyard you were just in, and if you turn the camera enough you'll see a phantom hiding on the left side of the courtyard. You can draw it out of ambush with a ranged weapon. While up here you're also likely to draw the two lizard creatures hidden in the sand out, and there's another spide hybrid beneath the balcony you're on.

- Before leaving the courtyard, check the door to your left. It is 'too heavy to open'. Smack or blast the door open when you're at full health and it will explode open. Inside is a door that's locked. If you collected the Tseldora Den Key earlier, you can open this and find two chests. The left is trapped, and contains ten Rusted Coins. The right carries Engraved Gauntlets.

- Back outside. Run through the arch. There's a field of sharp spikes ahead, crossable via a bridge. This leads to a door. Before approaching, though, look up - there are two hybrids above the entrance, lurking on the facade. Shoot 'em down one at a time.

- Open the temple. There are six spiders hanging from the ceilings in here; five are straight ahead, one is to your right. Kill them off, and check behind a bench on the right side of the room to find a corpse carrying a Soul of a Hero and four Gold Pine Resins.

- There are two doors ahead, opened by switches on the walls. The right opens to a corpse that holds three Homeward Bones, while the left opens to a spider hybrid. Take it out in this corner, then climb the ladder it guards.

- You'll be on a small ledge in a room that's filled with hard spider webs. Hop down and follow the left wall until you find a web leading downward. Cross it, minding the spider that crawls up in front of you along the way.

- There's a corpse sitting in view on the other side of the web, and a spider sits above it. Edge forward to bring it down, kill, and check the corpse for a Torch. Straight ahead from the corpse are three urns in the opposite corner of the room; smash them to find a Pharros' Lockstone.

- Carefully cross the web nearest the urns until you're about halfway across. The next web is below you. Drop carefully onto it.

- To the left is a downward slope. Approach the corpse in the middle of it and three spiders will pop out, and a fourth is not far in joining them. Kill them off in turn, then check the corpse for a Radiant Lifegem. Descend towards the bottom of this room and you'll find a largeish number of spiders, roughly six; they'll attack you as you look around. Look beneath the central web once they're dead for a corpse that carries a Simpleton's Spice.

- Also down here... a mist gate. Uh oh. This next battle is tough enough that it's worth its own article, so get ready for a bit of fun with The Duke's Dear Freja!


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