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Dark Souls II for Xbox 360

Updated on December 26, 2014

Dark Souls II - Xbox 360

Dark Souls II works on the Xbox 360 Platform. It is developed by the FromSoftware, and is available only in English language. The recommended Minimum Age of this game is 13 years.

Dark Souls II is powered by the new engine that combines graphics, sound & FX forward like never before we seen. Huge customization options are available and is filled with new twisted monsters and deadly bosses. It is featured with a wide range of threats and some of them are vertigo, hallucinations and acrophobia.

Dark Souls II has a well updated multiplayer system making enhanced online interaction. Also it is a server-based multiplayer mode where we can share our pain and discover new ways to play with others online.

Apart from Dark Souls 1 here we can repair the broken Ring of Life Protection in Majula with 3,000 souls at the blacksmith. It makes the game easier than Dark Souls 1 without any risk factor in the game. With the character of a new hero we would face never before seen bloodthirsty bosses and deadly enemies.

Dark Souls 2 Walk through

Dark Souls II Pack


Cool Features of the Dark Souls II

• Newly stretched world of death
• Tumble down into desperation and looming destiny as the gravely commended Dark Souls saga continues
• Real time sharing in the server-based multiplayer mode that make playing with others a thrilling experience
• Penalize an assault of horrific enemies and bloodthirsty bosses
• A widened range of voyage and the mode of how we interact with the game
• A new storyline featuring a new hero

Dark Souls 2 Review

Dark Souls 2


There are 5 things that you "should not" do in Dark Souls 2

1. Should not join the Company of Champions because hard mode would get ON
2. Should not attack Vendrick Without Giant Souls in Hand
3. Should not carry Light into the Undead Crypt as warden would attack
4. Should not Kill the Old Women at the Beginning of the Game
5. Should not Turn Down the Sound

Dark Souls II



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