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Dark Summoner for Android and Apple iOS - Summon, Sacrifice, and Evolve!

Updated on August 30, 2012

Choose Your Guild: Guild of Rancor, Guild of Tyranny, Guild of Sin!

When you enter the world of Dark Summoner, you must choose wisely between Guild of Sin, Guild of Rancor, or what I chose, Guild of Tyranny.

Dark Summoner is a new, fun, and highly addictive card trading game available for Android and iOS. You must summon monsters to become the most powerful summoner in the game. You must befriend other summoners in the game to take out huge bosses. You must join a clan to take out other clans. And you must evolve your monsters.

Players Can Enjoy Dark Summoner For Free. What A Cool Freebie!

The great thing about Dark Summoner is that it does not require you to spend money in order to enjoy the game which is why 1,000,000 and counting Android and iOS users are playing the game. With so many contests' happening every week, players can enjoy freebie energy potions as well as freebie summoning crystals to summon powerful A level monsters or higher AA or AA+ monsters without spending a dime.

In Dark Summoner, you need energy to progress through the game. By completing missions, your summoner consumes energy and wins gold. You also win monster cards after completing missions that can be sacrificed to make your leader card stronger. Two of the same monster cards can be sacrificed together which evolves into a stronger monster. Remember the freebie potions I mentioned earlier? Those freebie potions come in handy after your energy gets consumed by missions and completing missions is important if you want to level up quickly.

Earn Rewards As Time Goes By

Another great thing about Dark Summoner is that as time lapses, you gain experience points, gold, and energy! How cool is that! So after 12 hours pass by, your summoners energy should be completely refilled and close to the next leveling up. Every time your summoner levels up, your energy gets completely refilled so you can take on those missions again.

Gamers tip: Never use an energy potion when your summoner is just about to level up.

A-Team, the developers of Dark Summoner, balanced the games mechanics with game player addiction. Sacrificing and evolving your monsters requires a fee but remember, as time lapses, you earn 300 gold per hour.

Battle Other Summoners For Ranking Rewards and More Bonus Items

Summoners can also battle other summoners in the game that grants the victor honor points, gold, experience points, and more. Every week, summoners go up in the rankings and if you get first place, you get a cool, big prize, a AA+ monster. Don't worry though, you may get a energy potion if you rank between 499-1000.

Once You Got The Daily Routine Down, You'll Never Want To Stop Summoning!

Dark Summoner is highly addictive. Once you get the daily routine down of completing missions, leveling up your monster cards through sacrificing, and participating in weekly contests', you will be opening up your Dark Summoner app every hour to see if your energy is refilled so you can continue the fun because this game is, one word, fun!


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