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Dark Void, Lost Planet 2, Megaman gameplay at CES!

Updated on January 13, 2010

Gameplay review

Three highly anticipated titles are coming out this year from Capcom.

Megaman 10 is one title that is in high demand. The great thing about this game is the fact of it being an old school game with a new school twist. In Megaman 10, you can play as Megaman or play as Protoman from the get go. This definitely has a lot of fans holding on to their seats because they get to play with Megaman's brother (a true gamer dream). Another thing that distinguishes Megaman 10 from other games in the series is the fact that there is FINALLY an easy mode. LOL.  I know when I first saw the trailer to Megaman 10 late last year, I was definitely intrigued by that. As many Megaman practitioners may know, the original Megaman series was definitely not made for those faint of heart. An easy mode will not only be great for the experienced who just want a fun gaming experience, but it will definitely draw in the new crowd so they will get less discouraged to play this game. The game is to be released in March on Playstation Network, Wii Ware, and Xbox Live.

Lost Planet 2 - The sequel to the first Lost Planet. The first one of the series sold 1.3 million copies worldwide within the first few months of release.  It was a very huge success and had generally positive reviews. The story takes place 10 yrs after the initial Lost Planet. The main focus of the story is on the  NEVEC (NEo-VEnus Construction) and their ongoing war to gain T-ENG (Thermal-ENerGy). One of the new features of this game is the co-op mode that enables up to 4 players to do a campaign (sounds pretty cool). There are a few trailers up of this game, and it's definitely highly anticipated.

Dark Void - The game features a cargo pilot named William Augustus Grey (voiced by Nolan North) who crashes in the Bermuda Triangle.  He is teleported to a parallel universe where he discovers other humans that are called survivors. Together, Will and the survivors must battle the Watchers (an alien race) . The story is kind of on a vibe as the humans are the ones doing the bidding, and the aliens are the kings (kind of an alien v predator vibe, ey?) Eventually people known as Adepts emerged and banished the Watchers to the realm in which our pilot is trapped. With the help of Nikola Tesla, they retrofit Watcher technology to fight the Watchers. The game utilizes the Unreal Engine 3, PhysX (Physics Engine), and Lightsprint SDK (Realtime radiosity middleware).

These are three games definitely worth following in the coming weeks and months. Check out the CES footage below..

CES Footage of Megaman 10, Dark Void, and Lost Planet 2


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