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Darksiders: The Horsemen Cometh! Bringing biblical destruction to the gaming world

Updated on January 30, 2013

The Horsemen are coming digitally alive thanks to Vigil Games and THQ. This franchise features nothing more and nothing less that The Horsemen of the Apocalypse as their protagonists. While the games are based on the Bible's Book of Revelation, the developers made some changes as you'd expect, both story-wise and name-wise.

Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Darksiders 2 Protagonist
Darksiders Protagonist
Darksiders: The Destroyer
Darksiders: The Destroyer | Source

Darksiders Trailer


War is our main character in this game. He looks a little chubby but that's just his complexion, he's a really strong guy with a huge sword as his main weapon, Chaoseater. Pretty much this game's story is all about War being accused of bringing the Apocalypse sooner than expected, he claims that he was answering the call so that's why he rode to Earth. Now he has to prove he's innocent and clean his name and that of his brothers.

We can find some elements from God of War and Zelda. The dungeons are Zelda-like, you find both the equivalents to the map and compass, and even a weapon equivalent to the Hookshot - and while in combat, you can choose to finish off your near-to-death opponents as you do in God of War. All of these elements combined with an intriguing story gives us a VERY good game overall.

Darksiders 2: Death vs ...War?
Darksiders 2: Death vs ...War? | Source

Darksiders 2 Trailer

Darksiders 2

Death makes his debut as our main character on the second title of this franchise. This game is set after the events of Darksiders, and it shows Death looking for the truth of what happened, to redeem his brother War.

In this title, you don't get the map/compass in dungeons anymore, you still get a badass equivalent to the Hookshot though. Instead of those elements, they added some more customization for our character, you could compare it to WoW (World of Warcraft) for instance. Now you're able to change Death's armor, level up and you also get a talent tree. So now you can choose to be more melee-heavy (Harbinger) or go for a little more casting oriented (Necromancer), or you can be a hybrid if you like.

I personally liked this game better, not only because the protagonist is one of my favorite characters, but also because I liked the personalization and customization options you have in this title. War was only able to use his starting armor and the Abyssal set, Death has more variety.

Darksiders 3

There's been a lot of speculation regarding the franchise, the most logical way was thinking that every Horseman would get its title and on the fifth title, you'd be able to use them all in a co-op experience.

THQ had said that whether or not there'd be a Darksiders 3 would depend on the sales (4-5 million units) of Darksiders 2. After some research I've found out that they've only sold some more than 1 million units so far, and that they need at least 2 million units sold to break even, so if this is true, things aren't looking good for this franchise so far.

Hopefully it's not too late and things can still pick up, this franchise's got a good amount of fans waiting for it to continue, so maybe if it's not with this title, they can come back on their feet with either another title, or maybe just a few more months hoping Darksiders 2 keeps selling.

Which Darksiders game do you think is the best so far?

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