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Dart Review: Elkadart Neptune 21 gram

Updated on January 10, 2014
Neptune 21 gram dart fitted with Fit Flight gear.
Neptune 21 gram dart fitted with Fit Flight gear. | Source

We all know that the world of darts is full of gimmicks and dubious 'innovations' and the truth of the matter is in fact many of us darters look for whatever advantage we can, when perhaps we should be looking to our own form.

That being said, there are some things that (arguably at least) help more than hinder, and there are some things that are maybe a little more for flash.

The Neptune, it may surprise you is a little bit of both.

Let's have a quick look at the 21 gram Neptune and see how it stacks up!

The Look

Seriously speaking, how a dart looks should have no bearing on how it throws, now should it?

Well of course not, but it might also be argued that if you feel your darts are 'something special' it might add just a hint more swagger to your step when you walk up to the oche.

Now don't think for a second that you will be rescued from a sub-par performance by having pretty darts, but I will suggest that it could contribute to an already positive frame of mind.

Failing that the heat treating is a neat effect, (to me it looks a little bit like gasoline spilled on the water) and adds a little unique character to your dart. No one else will have a dart that looks exactly like yours, even other owners of the 21 gram Neptune.

Overall, I say a nice looking dart and it looks as sharp in person as it does in the on line photos.

Neptune 21 gram dart fitted with Fit Flight gear.
Neptune 21 gram dart fitted with Fit Flight gear. | Source

The Grip

While I personally prefer not to have a dart with a grip so aggressive that it is taking away chunks of flesh with every throw, I am also not wanting a grip that is so light that I have no control over the dart and how and when I release it.

With it's lightly cut grooves, and glossy sheen the Neptune does indeed look like a slippery dart.

On closer inspection however it becomes clear that looks can be deceiving, and that while the groves are light there are enough of them grouped together that working in conjunction with the Titanium coating actually provide a very secure, if non-aggressive grip. A nice combination of non-slip while still allowing a clean release.

The one thing I did have a little difficulty with is matching my two finger grip up with the shape of the dart. While I simply picked up and threw the dart in a manner that felt natural and comfortable to me it still felt a little bit (from time to time) that I was 'doing it wrong'.

I suspect however that this is more to do with me adjusting from a straight barrel design to the teardrop design of the Neptune's, and not some intrinsic flaw in their design.

Overall I say the Neptune has an effective grip and feels good in the hand.

The Throw

Other than taking the odd throw with my wife's Black Widows I am not used to forward weighted darts and this may contribute to some of the reason as to why I both love and distrust the throw with this dart.

First off I will tell you that the way the weight is distributed makes this a heavy feeling 21 grams. It also feels very satisfying to throw and hits the board with a satisfying thunk.

The only thing that concerns me with the forward weight is that the dart seems to automatically adjust itself in flight, which is mostly a good thing but creates a feeling that I need to compensate for it sometimes.

Now I don't know if this is a legitimate concern, or just in my head but it did make me feel that I couldn't make the shots that required a finer focus.

While with a straight barreled dart I could just drill it straight into an open spot, with the forward weighted Neptune it always feels a little like the dart is being lobbed.

The Final Verdict

Well the shape and colouring of the dart might make it look like a Dennis Priestly dart at a pride parade, but you know what I don't think there is anything wrong with that. This dart adds a little colour, maybe even a little flamboyance and gives a bit of a different look from the rest of almost everything else out there.

While the forward weighting might take some getting used to, my over all impression of the 21 gram Neptune is generally a very positive one.

Is it the best dart I ever threw? Well maybe not, but far from the worst and it is a fun dart to throw.

I say the Neptune is a good dart and a solid value.

More on Darts..

If you enjoyed this review and my other darts related hubs you might also enjoy my semi-regular darts oriented blog. I look forward to having you join us there!

Thank you for reading!

© 2014 David Sproull


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