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Dart Review: Harrows Aura A1 23g

Updated on January 22, 2015

Somewhere over a fairly short period of time my darts began to get heavier and heavier, and to be honest there is something to be said for throwing a good solid slug of a dart, except of course when it came to my arm, which for whatever reason didn't seem to be able to handle the extra few grams without running into some fairly serious pain issues.

So I went with a lighter dart, and that helped abate the pain issue, but I knew what I was throwing was not quite right for me, and eventually I conjured up memories of my old Raymond Van Barneveld 'Hero gold' darts that were light but also high percentage tungsten for a nice dense heavy feeling throw.

My quest for a new high tungsten content dart led me to the Red Dragon Black Dragonfly. which is a very nice dart, but was just not quite right for me.

I was all set to go get myself a set of the Harrow's Wolfram dart, which I admit I had been eyeing for a while when I saw that Harrows had a new dart called the 'Aura' and I said "Hmm..."

The Look

Well right off the bat I would have gone with green over blue if I had been given a choice, but as far as blues go this is a nice looking dart.

the over all shape of the dart is attractive as well, being modern in appearance and looking lightly, not excessively gimmicky, as one might expect from other 'modern' darts such as the Target Carrera, which personally I find a nice enough dart, but akin to handling a tiny cheese grater.

Over all though I think the Aura A1 is a very pretty dart. The white highlights are a nice touch too.

(but still would have been better in green)

The Grip

The mechanical grip on the Aura I find a little on the light side, and yet it has that 'as much as you'll need feel about it, especially when you take into account that the Aura is a coated dart which offers an extra level of tackiness.

At the end of the day you should have no problem controlling your darts, just maybe pay attention if you start getting a bit lazy (as opposed to relaxed) with your grip.

The Throw

OK so maybe, just maybe this whole 'laminar air flow' that they use as a selling point to flog this dart is an actual,real bonafide thing?

Well maybe that, or maybe like some sort of ballistic placebo it works because I believe it is real, but bottom line this dart throws beautifully. Keeping in mind that i am not a high caliber player I can feel a much higher level of control with this dart than I am used to.

Psychology or dart design? Can't say it really matters to me,as I love the results.

The Final Verdict

Since I have started using this dart I am third place in scoring in my division in my darts league and won ten consecutive singles games before I took my first loss. (currently at 11-2) .

I love these darts and really just wish i could have them in green.

Not all darts will work for and/or appeal to every player, but for me personally, I would rate these the best darts I have yet to throw.

Very highly recommended.


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    • profile image

      Sue Sproull 

      5 years ago

      Sounds like you are one with your Aura A1 darts For colour, my choice would be blue.


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