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Darts Review: Red Dragon 23 g Black Dragonfly

Updated on September 29, 2014

The Black Dragonfly is the latest in the 'Dragonfly' series of darts from Red Dragon much like the 'Gold dragonfly' and the natural tungsten model. The exception here of course being that this model has a black PVD coating.

I have not had the pleasure of trying either the natural or the gold versions, but a perusal of the darts pedigree turns up some fairly bold marketing text on the Red Dragon website.

"With perfect ergonomic design, high scoring is a given from Dragonflys, but beware these are not designed for just any player your skill must meet their technical prowess to make your averages fly in the right direction. The designs of these darts have been finely re-tuned to evolve as the Second Generation Dragonflys to meet the high intensity demands of the modern game."

Of course you'll notice a bit of an escape clause just in case you don't start pumping out ton forties each time you saunter up to the oche, but still bold statements indeed!

Now of course bold statements are not a rarity in the world of darts, but what if there was some truth to it?

I was curious to find out, in the market for darts in the 95% tungsten range and to be honest I liked the look of the things!

Add to that the very favourable review they were given by Neil Birkin and I was in for trying them out!

Let's talk about how I got on with them..

The Look

While I will always have a soft spot for any dart that looks like your grandfather might possibly have used it, I must say as far as sleek modern and dangerous goes, these darts take the cake.

I was a little worried that I'd see them up close and personal and find that they seemed junky, but no not at all. These are very nice looking darts.

Not that having a nice looking dart will make you throw any better, but well they look nice for what ever that may be worth.

The Grip

I am not overly familiar with darts that have a scallop as these do (a single one near the back) and perhaps a little influenced by the aforementioned review and subsequent statements from Neil Birkin in which he indicated he did not use the scallop.

Furthermore it just seemed too far back of the dart.

Over a short bit of time though I finally did find myself moving back to the scallop.

So with all that being said, the fore grip still seemed quite adequate to me, but not at all aggressive.

The Throw

The first few goes with this dart I think are as frustrating as I have had with a new dart, as the scallop suggests 'hold me here' while it's position to the rear of the barrel seems to scream "unbalanced!!"

The truth though is that the Dragonfly is actually very nicely balanced indeed. Once you get the hang of it this is a very nice dart to throw.

While the dart is very thin it is 95% tungsten and the 23 grams packed into it feel very solid in the hand.

This is not a dart that you can be lazy with your throw. You need to be calm yet complete in your delivery, but if you are the dart will reward you and of course the potential for very nice and very tight groupings is very high.

The Final Verdict

I like this dart. I like it a lot. At this point the only reason that it has not become my main dart (and who knows it may yet) is that my current main dart is one that I had custom made to my personal specifications, and well that can be hard to beat.

That being said, after a short stint of using the Black Dragonfly I found that I was better than ever with my regular darts.

Other than that I am very impressed with this dart, and while not every dart is not right for every player I would highly recommend giving this one a look.


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    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 3 years ago from New York

      Darts have always been a man's game. They may wane in popularity but always seem to come back. Interesting information here.

      Voted up and interesting.