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Dawn Of Darkness Facebook Game App

Updated on August 5, 2012

Dawn Of Darkness Gameplay Screenshots

Dawn Of Darkness in Town
Dawn Of Darkness in Town
Dawn Of Darkness Battles
Dawn Of Darkness Battles

Dawn of Darkness

Dawn of Darkness is a Facebook game application recently released by IGG at the end of July 2012. It currently has just over 11,000 likes at the time of this article and seems to be growing by the day. It is a side scrolling turn based game that will keep you enjoying it for hours.

You begin with a main hero character, you have three to choose from either an archer, rogue or a barbarian and as you progress through the game you will gain allies. Once in the beginning city you will receive your first quests. If you click on the blue links in your quest log (located on the right hand side) it will walk your character to the proper locations. The first few quests will teach you a bit about the game and provide you with some starting items. You begin with 100 energy which is depleted by 1 for each battle or 3 for a boss battle. Later in the game your max energy will be raised to 200 and further upgradeable by buying Gold (Item Store Currency) and raising your VIP level. Your energy is refilled at a rate of 3 per half hour. This may seem slow as I first thought but in actuality its not that bad of a rate once your use to the game.

When you battle monsters and other players the battles are turn based. However you have no control over your character and the fights are determined by your stats and gears primarily. To increase your chances of winning you can enhance your gears, equip gems, develop your characters or train them. As I said before you begin with one character your main hero character. The next ally you will receive is called Pow Pow which is a Panda Rogue. More allies are unlocked by completing quests or progressing your relations with factions.

Enhancing your gears requires silvers to upgrade the levels or equipment. Each upgrade has a chance of failure which silvers will still be deducted and item level unchanged. Each attempt at enhancing gears will also trigger a cooldown timer. Presently I am level 48 in the game and each enhancement attempt adds 6 minutes to the timer. Once the timer goes over 1 hour you can't try to enhance any further until the timer goes back below one hour. Item level enhancements cannot exceed the main heroes level. Another way to enhance your gear is by gear sets. You begin with basic gear which can be upgraded to Tidal Gear at level 20 and Sandy at level 40. To perform these upgrades you need to buy the plans and then collect the materials to craft the equipment. Materials are dropped randomly in different dungeons and can be found by clicking on the required material in the craft page.

Gems can be equipped to provide a boost as well. Starting at level 20 you can mine and equip gems and for every 10 levels thereafter another gem may be equipped. Each character have their own slots for gems to be equipped and a character cannot have 2 of the same type of gem. Currently there are 4 qualities of gems each one providing a different minimum and maximum boost. Gems are also further upgradeable by fusing gems together to gain experience and every time they level you gain a higher boost from the gem. There are five levels of miners for mining gems, you begin with a level one miner who charges 4000 silvers a try. Level 2-5 miners are triggered randomly and the higher level the miner the better chances are for a better gem.

Training characters is done through the Train interface located at the bottom bar of the game. Your main character will train for up to 48 hours while offline. Alternate characters can additionally be trained one at a time (with the exception of higher level VIP's) as well. You can speed up their training by spending skill points on them which will trigger a cooldown. Alternate characters cannot be trained higher then the main hero.

Other things to do in Dawn Of Darkness

After your character achieves certain levels other side daily things will be unlocked in the game to make additional money. Some of these are daily rewards, login bonus, active bonus, daily quests, cargo runs, arena, slots, and more. This will help burn some time while your energy refills if your a hardcore gamer.

Daily rewards will reward you with silvers and vouchers which are a gold substitute and the option to turn vouchers into gold limit so many per day and yes with a cooldown. The login bonus will give you a chest that rewards you with silvers that increase every consecutive day you login. Once you reach day five it goes back to one. The active bonus occurs from playing during certain hours of the day and will reward you with a refill of 30 energy and 2 tokens for playing the slots.

Daily quests will reward you with small amounts of silvers and other items for completing basic everyday actions of the game such as playing the slots, mining, completing a dungeon or enhancing gear.

Slots can be played by spending either 10 gold, 10 vouchers, or 1 token per spin. From here you can win silver, more vouchers, hero cards which can enhance their skills and other items. There is no limit to how many spins you can have a day or cooldown timer.

Cargo runs are unlocked at level 35 from here you select two items that you would like to transport. The options of the items to transport are random however if you match items in certain orders you gain bonus silver roughly 50k for 2 items, 150k for 3 and 300 for 4 items. The items have to be in the correct order to win the bonus. Otherwise a cargo run take 10 minutes and will reward you with roughly 25-30k per run. This is something good to do when you are out of energy or want to step away for a bit and still earn some money on the game. You may transport up to 12 items a day or 6 runs (2 items per run).

The Arena is unlocked early on in the game. From here you battle other players to rise in the rankings. Everyday a bonus is issued depending on your ranking, the higher your rank the higher the bonus of silver and reputation and guild experience. Everyday you receive 10 free battles after the 10 free it consumes 3 energy per battle. Rankings are not refreshed therefore everyday you will continue building up your rankings.

To sum it all up Dawn of Darkness is a fun new game with lots to do.


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    • buckey777 profile image

      Thomas Mitchell 5 years ago from Bangor, Maine

      Thank you Patty, I've been enjoying playing it daily.

    • Patty Kenyon profile image

      Patty Kenyon 5 years ago from Ledyard, Connecticut

      Interesting Hub and seems like an interesting game to play!! Thanks for sharing!!