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Day 82 - Supremacy 1914 Campaign Journal

Updated on March 24, 2014

I hope you are sitting comfortably. Well, I shall begin.

It has been a long battle, a battle which has encompassed many wars with many players. The battle may soon be over. Games of Supremacy 1914 will tend to last a few weeks perhaps. The longest one I have been involved in must have last close to 6 weeks. The truth is, the game will take as long as it will take. This current one is approaching 12 weeks and it is about to end with myself as the victor.

Let us catch up with the day's affairs. Warm yourself by the fire, sit, and listen for a while..

As I did log in on the morning of the 82nd day. I noticed something worrying. What did I see?

I saw a total of 20 US battleships - the whole fleet pretty much - heading to the north of Lithuania. It seemed to total ignore a very nice landing spot, a spot we would call: 'Sweden' or even 'Finland' they were heading for deep into Lithuanian territory. As deep as the seas would carry them - arriving in just under a day. If that was not all, the US had also sent 800k worth of men over the seas from their base in the UK. They would be on the Polish/Lithuanian border within 16 hours. That border, was very close to my newly acquired Lithuanian capital.

The problem with this game, or rather, the fun with this game, is that you do not know what the other players have planned. They might well be plotting against you.

You can of course hire some spies to tap the other players "phones" to remedy this situation. You can also hire spies to find out the other players army movements, sizes and what their factories are building. All of these things can be sabotaged with your spies too, If you are looking to do that. However, doing this can isolate you if caught. So do so, with care. I normally only do it if I have experienced it myself or have a fairly big army.. Phone tapping is a necessity, though.

I decided to let whatever game Poland, Lithuania and the US were playing, to play out. I did started to build up my border in the south of Poland - which is real day Greece - and kept an eye on the US. I around this time, suspected Poland and the US were being played by the same player. Which is obviously, not allowed!


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      Josh 3 years ago

      someones enjoying himself!