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De Blob Walkthrough 6: Last Resort, Part 5, Seaside Roller and Top of the World

Updated on March 29, 2009

This is the only way to reach this last area is with a blank building.  Just get on it for and up in a section for the Twenty-first Raydian Batch for 168. 

Okay, assuming you got all of those Raydians, go ahead and get yourself to the last gate.  Opening it is simple, and so is the Tenth Challenge.  It is as simple as coloring yourself yellow, and then shaking the stick for the Second Landmark

The Twelfth Style is located on a piece of dock here, so go and get it. 

Go ahead and take out all the trees here for a Tree Total of 85. There is one located below the dock.  The Transforms might not get it. 

Well, you should have all the items that you need to finish this level.  Hopefully, you will have all of the Trees, Styles, Challenges, Landmarks, Billboards, and the Blimp.  The only other challenges is to paint everything unto 100 percent.  You can use the compass at the end in order to find the areas that you haven’t painted yet. 

From there, it is a simple trip to the “exit pool”.  Unlock it, and then take a dive in it and the level will end. 

This will not only open up the next level.  It will also open up two other levels: Seaside Roller and Top of the World. 

Seaside Roller

In this area, it is pretty easy.  Just go to the back and find a red paintbot.  Use it and try and get as many of the eight sections as you can before falling in the water.  Once you are removed of paint, go and find a yellow or a blue. 

Paint either one of the sections, and you should probably jump in the water to wash off before you go to the other color. 

From there, it is just about getting the opposite color and turning green and hitting the last spot.  You have to jump across a moat, but it is simple. 

You can rush to the exit now. 

Top of the World

The first thing you do is get the yellow paint bot and color the steps yellow. When you get to the top, you should jump to the one with the red. 

Now that you are orange, jump to the other white pillars and make them orange.  Jump to the steps where the yellow is, and paint all the steps, if they aren’t already painted. 

Go ahead and smack the red here twice, since might be orange.  Take out the red squares nearby and then jump to the blue.  Do a sticky wall jump to the other side and get some purple color on there. 

Jump to the red paintbot.  Don’t worry if you get one painted the wrong color.  Instead, go and paint all the red. 


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