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De Blob Walkthrough 12: Uptown, Part 6

Updated on March 29, 2009

Now, you can use your compass to find the Twenty-second Challenge.  I don’t recommend going beyond the gate.  Rather, you will go to the corner and find that you must color some billboards.  The first is very close, but it would be pointless for me to describe where the rest are.  Instead, use your compass and you will find them all quite quickly.  Eventually, you will find the Sixteenth Billboard, the Seventeenth Billboard, the Eighteenth Billboard, the Nineteenth Billboard, the Twentieth Billboard, the Twenty-first Billboard, the Twenty-second Billboard, the Twenty-third Billboard, and the Twenty-Fourth Billboard.  This concludes all the billboards that can be found Uptown. 

Again, avoid the challenge beyond the gate.  The Twenty-third Challenge is located under the bridge.  You will need to paint a section blue.  Go ahead and use the compass for this one, because what you need to paint isn’t so obvious. 

You could open the gate and get the twenty-fourth challenge, but there are other things to be done. 

For example, near where you had that challenge is a whole block that needs to be done.  It has a metal thing in the middle, like some of the blocks that you found in Level one.  Paint it all get the Nineteenth Raydian Batch will be there, driving your point total to 157.

 You might notice that the Tenth Style is here.  To get it, you have to go up the Freeway ramp and jump on a metal plate that you will see on the right in the midst of some buildings.  Paint everything here to release the Twentieth Raydian Batch for a total of 165.   Then hop to the next building over to get the Eleventh Style

Go back to the one ramp, and you will see a small dwelling there.  The Twelfth Style is on top.  Go on and paint this one up.  You will then see a longer building block in that immediate area with a billboard atop it.  Go ahead and paint it up and set free the Twenty-First Raydian batch for 173. 

There is a smaller building block there.  Go ahead and paint it over.  You will then get the Twenty-Second Raydian Batch for 181. 

Go down the City Street, including the tunnel, and paint everything you see.  You will get the Twenty-Third Raydian Batch for 189. 

Go around the corner of that same street for the Twenty-Fourth Raydian Batch for 197. 

There is another area that is located underneath the road.  If you jump on it, you should look on the roof, as there are areas that need to be colored that are easily missed.  Go ahead and take care of this, and get the Twenty-Fifth Raydian Batch for 205.


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