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De Blob Walkthrough 25: Chroma Dam Part 4

Updated on March 30, 2009

Don’t forget to get the white buildings on tops of the rooftops on this area, as they will free up the Sixteenth Raydian Batch for a total of 128. 

Be sure to free all the trees in this area.  You should have a grand total of 37 by the time you reach the area where you faced off with the Ink Tank. 

You may as well hit the Second Transforms in this area, then go to the ramp with the Ninth Challenge.  You have to paint some high towers orange, but don’t stop there.  Paint everything there orange.  In doing so, you will release the Seventeenth Raydian Batch and Eighteenth Raydian Batch for a total of 144.  You will also find the Eighth Billboard, the Ninth Billboard, the Tenth Billboard, and the Eleventh Billboard

Go ahead and take the Tenth Challenge, which is to paint all the lower buildings purple.  Not a big challenge at all, really. 

The Eleventh Challenge will open up, and it is one of those Marker Flare ones.  You should pick up the Eighth Style on the way there. 

After completing it, you should go to the Twelfth Challenge while you are there.  It involves painting some buildings.  You should hit the Twelfth Billboard while you are there. 

More challenges will open for you there.  As for the Thirteenth Challenge, it is pretty simple too.  Just do more painting.

The Fourteenth Challenge involves a lot of painting with red, then purple, then blue.  If you do it right the first time, all of the paintbots are in a row.  You might see a time bonus, so you should grab it. 

Go down into the street section.  Go ahead and get the Thirteenth Billboard.  You should take the challenge arrow, as it will lead you to another area.  This will have the Fourteenth Billboard.   It will also have a gate to the next area. 

Third Area

You will notice the Fifteenth Challenge on the building in front of you.  It means painting an area with 100 purple paint points.  This means dodging a tank and getting there, which is tough.  Note that after you change this area, which is the Eighth Landmark, you will still need to get rid of the tank.  Do it with another 100 points. 

Go ahead and take the nearest green arrow challenge.  It is a lot of painting different colors, but the Sixteenth Challenge is easily overcome.  You will find the Ninth Style here.  The Fifteenth Billboard is located on this building here as well.  If you do this right and paint the whole area, you can free the Nineteenth Raydian Batch and Twentieth Raydian Batch for a grand total of 160.  Thank God. 


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