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De Blob Walkthrough 26: Chroma Dam Part 5

Updated on March 30, 2009

By the way, take care of all the trees in this area as well.  This will give you the total of 45, the maximum amount of Trees. 

You will find an area where you have to learn about boats.  Go ahead and trip a switch, and you will be riding one quite soon.  Ride it to the other side and take on the Seventeenth Challenge.  You will need to take out a building with 100 paint points of any color.  Fortunately, there are paintbots all around.  I would take out the leeches first, and then take care of the task. This is the Ninth Landmark

This will unlock two time bonuses.  By the way, look on the side here and you will find the Tenth Style.  Go ahead and get it, and use the boat to go back.  There are more challenges for you. 

The Eighteenth Challenge is simply following the markers to an air cannon.  You need to turn off the burners, then do a stick jump so you roll to one side, then jump up to the cannon. 

Launch yourself again, and you will get a time bonus.  From there, it is about taking some Z pads to the next area.  You will note that one will have a style below it.  Go ahead and release to get the Eleventh Style.  Go ahead and go down the Z pad and do it again. 

Go ahead and turn off the burners, and watch out for those things that try and push you off.  Go ahead and do more Z-pads again, and you will notice that you pass a style along the way.  You can’t get it now, but when you land, you can grab the Twelfth Style as it is on the left. 

As for that other style, you should be able to get to a point where you can jump off the edge and get it.  When you have the Thirteenth Style, use the air cannon to shoot you back.  Use the Z-pad to get down and take the blue arrow challenge. 

The Nineteenth Challenge is a simple blue marker following, with learning how to jump onto pontoons.  It is very simple, but there are some hard jumps to make. 

The Twentieth Challenge awaits.  All you need to do is follow the markers to get back.

As for the Twenty-first Challenge, this was difficult.  What you need to do is paint all eight silos green.  It is hard to do, but first find them.  There are three all together on one side.  You already used the markers to get there.  If you can find an air cannon that will get you up to the higher level, you can paint three just by Z-jumping on Z-pads.  The other two you can Z-hop to on pontoons.


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