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De Blob Walkthrough 32: Guggentraz Island Part 5

Updated on March 30, 2009

A new challenge opens up by the pool.  If you can, paint all the trees by this area.  This will bring your Tree Total up to 50. 

The Seventeenth Challenge is to paint an area red.  This is pretty simple, considering that most of the stuff that needs to be painted is on the street, but that is what makes it dangerous.  If you get hit by an Ink jetbike, just douse yourself in the pool. 

It would appear that all the other challenges are beyond the gate.  You should concentrate on painting what blocks are here.  Start with the one that you just painted red.  You should go on the roof to paint the Eleventh Billboard.  This is a big area to paint, but when you get it, you will have the Twentieth Raydian Batch for a total of 148.

Go ahead and paint the building block on the right side.  (This would be as you came in, facing the turrets.  The Twelfth Billboard is here, and when you finish, you will have the Twenty-first Raydian Batch for a total of 156.  By the way, you might want to keep a lookout on the city street below with the Thirteenth Billboard

One of the last areas to be painted is located where you painted the monorail.  Just get there like you did before, and paint all of it.  There is a lone tree here that will bring your Tree Total up to 51.  Painting all this will also give you the Twenty-second Raydian Batch for a total of 164.  You will also find the Eighth Style on the rooftop, but I couldn’t get it without getting hurt on spiked boards.  Just make certain that you have enough paint points so you can take a few spiked hits.

Fortunately, that is about all you have to face there.  Go ahead and make your way to the gate.  You will need to take out a pair of Inky soldiers there, but that is pretty easy.  You should also get the five trees there and color the mountain for a Tree Total of 58. 

Third Area

The Eighteenth Challenge is pretty simple, involving following markers.  There are two turrets here, so you should be prepared to take them out.  Watch out for jet-bikes on your way. 

The Nineteenth Challenge is going to make your life easier.  Shut down a Police Station, which will remove any and all jetbikes patrolling the area.  This can be pretty difficult, due to the lack of yellow when you might need it. However, it will keep the streets safe from Inky jetbikes.  By the way, there is a lone tree here, so hit it and bring your Tree Total up to 57.  By the way, this is the Fifth Landmark


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