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De Blob Walkthrough 35: Guggentraz Island Part 8, Jetbike Blitz, and Trainspotting

Updated on March 30, 2009

You will probably be very close to the beginning gate, which is very good, considering what needs to happen next.  You need to take the Z-pad and then jump to the building across from where the Z-pads end.  From here, you can paint this center of this building, and get the Thirty-third Raydian Batch for a total of 246. 

I think that is everything.  By the way, there is a tree located by this color tank near the center of the town.  Paint it for a Tree Total of 73.  By the way, you should find a way to get the Blimp.  As for me, I hit it with the air cannon, but sometimes it just pays to wait by a high building. 

Nothing left to do but get to that air cannon, and take the train to a new area.  Take the Twenty-fifth Challenge, which is to free 16 Raydians.  This is the big Thirty-fourth Raydian Batch for a total of 262. 

Go ahead and hit the Fourth Transforms.  This should bring your Tree Total up to 89, and you are done with those. 

Now it is time for the Twenty-sixth Challenge.  It is quite easy as you must go to this one area to fill three color shakers.  You need to take an air cannon to get to this area.   It is quite easy, actually, and they give you plenty of time.  What makes it hard is taking out the Inkies without falling in the holes which lead you out.  This is the Eighth Landmark.

Once the challenge is complete, paint the one section that you see there.  You have to do it from down below and above, so get to where the landmark was and jump to it.  You will have the Thirty-fifth Raydian Batch for a total of 270.  You will also have the Nineteenth Billboard

The Twenty-seventh Challenge involves taking the monorail all around the area.  I found that doing Z-jumps onto the subway didn’t work well for me.  I also found the Twentieth Billboard.  You might have been able to find a way to get this Billboard earlier.  If so, leave a comment. 

You should go ahead and find the nearest monorail station and go back to the exit gate. 

Jetbike Blitz

Okay, in this area, you start following some markers.  You should probably get any paintbot that you can at this time. 

When you reach a certain area, jetbikes will come at you.  I found it was easy just to hop over them.  They tend to crash into each other, so I never bothered slamming them. 

There is one small leap over a bridge, and then the markers will stop just before the exit pool. 

This is really all about dodging, and keep going until you get it right, really. 


This level is about just painting really quick, and then jumping onto the train. 

The trick of this level is making certain that you pass every one area and making certain that is painted.  It is one of those, keep doing it until you get it right kind of things. 

In the end, you have to leap to the last area and color just about everything.  That is the easy part.


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