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De Blob Walkthrough 40: The Docklands Part 5

Updated on March 30, 2009

Nearby will be the Twenty-second Challenge.  You will need to transform the Ninth Landmark, but it is located behind an electrical grid.  Don’t try and jump across the grid unless you want to lose a life.  Instead, just get on one of the silos before, and jump to the wall adjacent to it. Get 80 Blue points, and beat it. 

Go ahead and go to the Twenty-third Challenge, located atop a building block.  You will need 50 Green points to transform the Tenth Landmark.  You may notice that you can paint this whole building for the Twelfth Raydian Batch of 99.  The Eighth Style is atop this building, and the Sixth Billboard is here too.  Around this area is 1 Tree for a Tree Total of 67. 

Follow your compass for the next challenge.  You will see two here.  You will also see a line of 6 trees by the gate.  Color them all for a Tree Total of 73. 

The Twenty-fourth Challenge involves painting some silos green.  This can be done thanks to some black things that serve as stepping stones.  Forget about the other green arrow for now.  You might want to color 4 Trees here for a Tree Total of 77. 

On to the Twenty-fifth Challenge, and landmark puzzle.  This is the Eleventh Landmark, which will turn the lethal ink into water.  You will find the Ninth Style located around here.  While you are at it, leap for the extra time, and get the Seventh Billboard while you’re at it. 

What you need to do now is go up the Highway ramp.  You will see two bands of Elite Inkies, but don’t worry about them.  Instead, take out the Inkies with guns and hit the color tank.  This will give you power enough to take out the two turrets, and the area will be all clear. 

There is a reason why I postponed this challenge. If you tried to do the Twenty-six Challenge before you went up the ramp, then you may notice that you can’t color these crates the proper colors when someone is shooting at you from up above.  No one except Elite Inkies will stop you now.  You will find the Tenth Style here.  The Eighth Billboard can be found in this corner, too. 

There are no more challenges in this area, so focus on getting other rewards.  Next to the area of crates that you just painted is a warehouse, so paint it.  Paint the other one next to it, along with any adjoining crates, and you will have the Thirteenth Raydian Batch of 107.  The Ninth Billboard and Tenth Billboard are found on top of these. 


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